Tips For Design Portfolio Presentation

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Landing a job or gig in 2021 means putting your best foot forward as only the finest is good enough. The competition for jobs is extremely high, which is why you’ll have to pull out all the stops for your design portfolio presentation. This demonstration of your work is usually the last phase of your recruitment process or campaign, so it’s critical you leave a positive and lasting impression. An excellent portfolio presentation helps highlight your project while guiding your panel through the design process.

This write-up provides you with information on getting a design portfolio presentation that can help you stand out from the crowd.

Tips to Ace your Design Portfolio Presentation

Here are tips on how you can become a better presenter for your design pitches.

1. Simplicity is Critical

Your presentation shouldn’t be complex, overly long, or be the center of attention and outshine your design. Remember, your main goal is showcasing your design or concept, so try to keep things simple with your project being the star of the show. Consider dedicating the bulk of your time to explaining your design decisions clearly and concisely.

Don’t have too many visuals distracting the panels during the presentation. Check out the best pitch deck template examples to understand how to maintain this balance in your presentation. It’s helpful to go with a structure or topography that highlights your work rather than hog the project’s spotlight.

2. Let Your Personality Shine Through

Yes, your presentation shouldn’t come off as an overly rehearsed, robotic, and monotone pitch. Add humor to it if you can manage it. You can have your pitch follow a story pattern. Here’s a basic overview that can help you out.

3. Kick things off with the problem

Follow your introduction with the solution you offer and how great an asset your concept would be to the operation.

Now discuss the challenges, other possible approaches, the cons, and why you feel your main design is the best pick.

Remember, the objective is to show that you know what you are doing, be an excellent addition to the team, and have a fantastic work ethic. Have the panel not only understand your design process but also have a glimpse of what it’d be like working with you. Share humor, passion for your work, and a sense of realness.

4. Practice and Critique your Presentation

Your presentation shouldn’t come off as the first time presenting the project, so it’s best to practice it with colleagues and friends before D-day. After which, you proceed to critique your work finding its drawbacks. You must identify them before your audience does, as this proves that you are a critical thinker and humble enough to understand that there’s always room for improvement.

Avoid having to search through your laptop for your media during your graphic design portfolio presentation. It’s best to have them ready at a distance. Many cute google slide themes can offer seamless transitions, so your images prop up at the right time. Taking this route gives off the perception that you are a professional, putting you in the best light possible.

5. Engage Your Audience

Prepare yourself to discuss with your audience, asking and answering questions about the product or project. It’d come off weird without engaging the panel towards the end of your presentation.

6. Perks of Using Portfolio Presentation Templates

Popular presentation software housing premium features include PowerPoint, Google Slide, and Apple Keynote. Opting to use portfolio presentation templates during pitches comes with the following perks.

●      It’s a time saver

●      It’s immersive and helps you express your ideas better

●      It’s user-friendly.

Final Thoughts

Your graphic design portfolio presentation is the last element to securing your spot with a new team. Keeping your pitch simple while focusing on your product can help you ace your interview. It’s also helpful to let your personality shine through during your presentation and engage the audience with discussions.

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