Tips to Unblock a Drain by a Menai Plumber

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Help! Your drain is clogged!

Your house is starting to smell like a dirty drain and it just downright inconvenient that you can’t use your sink or toilet.

As frustrating as it seems, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Clogged drains happen frequently to many people.

On the bright side, they can also be relatively easy to clear. Here are a few tips to unblock a drain offered by an expert plumber in Menai.

Pour Boiling Water Down the Drain

How are your cooking skills? Has anyone ever told you that you couldn’t boil water? Well, you might be in trouble then. But for everyone else who can boil water, this is an excellent trick for declogging drains.

This trick works best in the kitchen drain where the blockage is likely to be caused by grease or food buildup.

Plunge the Drain

For solid masses stuck in a drain, a plunger can work to clear it. This device creates suction that can be enough to break up or dislodge the mass or stuck object.

DIY Drain Snake

You might not be able to reach into a drain, but a thin piece of metal can. Most people have a wire coat hanger hanging around (pun intended) and this is perfect for the job.

Straighten out the coat hanger and make a hook on one end. Then, start feeding it into the drain until you encounter the blockage. You can either poke at the blockage a few times until you feel it break up, or hook it and try to pull it out of the drain. This works well for hair clogging a shower drain.

Still stuck with a clogged drain? Time to move to more drastic measures.

The Power of a Professional Plumber

If you live in Menai contact Curran Plumbing about your difficult-to-clear clogged drain. We have a number of tools in our arsenal for clearing out stopped up drains.

Plumbers Drain Snake

For example, we will bring along our plumber’s drain snake, which is a bit more sophisticated than a coat hanger. With this device and our specialized knowledge, clearing the drain becomes a piece of cake.


Another tool we’ll often use is our hydro jet. This device blasts water into the pipe with enough force that it can break up and dislodge blockages.


For particularly tricky blockages, we might just need to see what’s going on in that pipe. To do that we’ll put a CCTV camera on the end of a tool that looks a lot like the drain snake.

We’ll feed the camera through the pipe until we find the blockage. A visual inspection will help us decide how to proceed.

Clear Drains for All!

Everybody deserves to have clear drains. They are essential for taking wastewater away from our homes. If these DIY tips don’t get your drain clear, don’t hesitate to call us at Curran Plumbing for help!

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