Top 3 Picks of Proctoring Solution Providers You Need to Know

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Did you know that the global market for e-learning is over a $100 billion today? E-learning is now procrastinated to be the future of learning. Due to the rapid growth of technologies and transformation in the way we work, the need for supporting these technologies grows immensely.

In a field that is undergoing drastic changes, exam proctoring services has gained quite a significant space. If It weren’t for these e-learning platforms, the need for proctoring wouldn’t become a mainstream today. It is because of the increased need for candidates with updated skills and knowledge in the industry, proctoring services is renown today.

Certification programs, online assessment, and online examinations are becoming the norm today. You will find several universities, colleges and other educational institutions conducting exams online. Proctoring services is crucial in the current job scenario where experts, as well as freshers, are making the most of these services.

Most of the online exam proctoring services provide the candidates’ detailed report which also entails the details of how the candidate performed. The entire process can now be easily automated providing standardized and better efficiency.

Next comes the question, with so many online providers available, which one to choose? It is important for an individual to know which vendor would be the right fit.

To ease out your confusion, here’s a list of proctoring services available online.

  • Examity

A Massachusetts, US-based proctoring solution provider, Examity made its appearance in the market in 2013. It offers services such as live, auto, ID authentication solution to corporates, universities, and enterprise testing organizations as well. Examity’s partners include brands such as Amazon, Coursera, and Tableau.

The feature includes integrated proctoring solutions and is full range.

  • ExamStrong

ExamStrong offers one of the most ideal online proctoring services that can be delivered 24/7 all around the world. Third-party certification or standard bodies looking to deliver their exams could easily opt for this online solution provider.

Build and designed on the most stringent international testing and accreditation norms – CLEAR, ICE, NCCA, ANSI 17024:2012, and ASNBC, ExamStrong today offers a versatile environment and offers the facility of delivering exams across over 200 countries.

If you’re looking for an online exam proctoring services to deliver exams in the field ofdata science, HR outsourcing, digital marketing, then one can entrust ExamStrong.

  • ProctorU

ProctorU, based out of Alabama, U.S. offers fully automated services online. The company founded in 2008 made its establishment by offering AI-driven services. This service provider caters both professional organizations as well as academic institutions.

The choices of these online proctoring features depend on the level of the exam, the number of candidates appearing for the proctored exam as well as the budget. The process of online proctoring has become fully automated right from the very beginning – creating tests, invigilation, scheduling, to assessing the candidates’ results.

Candidates can now attain greater flexibility and have the convenience of choosing the time and place to sit for the exam. Besides this, online proctoring is going to become the mainstay for e-learning.

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