Top 5 Branded Perfumes for Women

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The feeling of getting a fragrance with an exquisite scent is beyond explanation. The moment you take a whiff of the fragrance, your mind, body and soul are invigorated with pleasure. It is true that a good scent can make anyone feel amazing and on top of the world all you have to do is pick the right fragrance and enjoy the feeling. However, even with the wide range of perfume choices available to women, there are just a handful of perfumes which actually make them feel amazing and loved. We have handpicked such fabulous fragrances from different perfume families and subfamilies for every type of perfume lover. Some of the most popular branded perfumes available for women are:

Lomani Desire Eau de parfum for women:

Lomani is one of the popular international perfumes brand available for women in the budget. Keeping their legacy to product marvellous fragrances for women, Lomani Desire EDP is launched for ladies who are sensual and bubbly at the same time. It is a gentle fragrance with fruity notes to it. The top notes of this fabulous fragrance contain zesty surprise of lime, orange blossom and sweet juicy apples. The middle notes are a blend of Egyptian jasmine, juicy raspberry, fresh handpicked roses and musk. The base notes contain patchouli, amber, vanilla and honey giving it the gourmand feel. It is perfect for all day wear and nightwear for special moments.

Lomani Perfum

Chris Adams Dreamz Woman Eau de parfum:

Another marvellous fragrance for women, Chris Adams Dreamz Woman is a dreamy fragrance that will make you stand out among others. With its amazing long lasting fragrance, you can be on top of the world for hours. The top notes of this sensuous floral perfume contain Neroli, tangy lemon and juicy raspberry. The middle notes contain fresh handpicked jasmine, African Orange flower and gardenia. The base notes are earthy with patchouli and sweet notes of honey. You can wear this perfume during the day as well as night. It can give you fragrance up to 8 hours in just a couple of sprays.


Maryaj Atraccion Gold Eau de parfum for women:

From the house of Maryaj, this is a fine creation for ladies who love to keep it simple and fuss-free. The fragrance is very gentle and light, keeping your mood energetic all day long. The top notes of this attractive perfume contain fresh and floral blend. The middle notes are rich in spicy and fruity scents while the base notes are quite warm and earthy with amber and woody notes. With its light scent, it is great for all-day wear, summer season and office where you wish to stand out for all the good reasons.


Louis Cardin Compassion Eau de parfum for women:

A romantic perfume for the ladies who love everything about love, Louis Cardin Compassion is sure to make you swoon over its fragrance. A finely blended concoction of flowers, this sweet fragrance will make you fall for it in a single spray. The top notes of this amazing fragrance contain pomegranate. The middle notes contain lotus and orchid, and the base note contains violet, amber, musk and mahogany giving it an earthy touch. The fragrance is perfect for all-day wear due to its gentle scent. You can wear it in the summer season and stay fragrant for hours making it one of the best perfumes.

Louis Cardin Compassion

Mural De Ruitz Fancy Mural Eau de parfum for women:

A gorgeous fragrance for women who loves to relax and be pampered. Inspired by the classic retro fragrances, Fancy Mural is everything you can desire for. The perfume contains the sweet fragrance of handpicked florals, with zesty citrus surprise and juicy fruity notes. since this perfume is light and bubbly, it is perfect for the spring summer season and day time wear. Make your every moment special with this cute perfume bottle.

´╗┐Mural De Ruitz

All these perfumes are suitable for different seasons, moods and moments so choose what is best for you and available in your budget. You can buy all these perfumes online on popular online fragrance stores such as Perfume Booth. Shop international fragrances from trusted websites only to ensure that you get nothing but 100% original perfume at the best available price. With a few smart moves, you can even save extra bucks on these.