Top 6 Places to Visit in Greece and Turkey

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Ancient Greek culture with a blend of western Asian culture is the USP why Turkey attracts globe trotters. Planning a trip to Turkey and Greece? Must include at least an 8-9 days itinerary in your trip as the wonders of Greece and Turkey are far more outnumbered then your itinerary. Wanderers usually lose their time in planning and managing the vacations which ultimately results in reducing the pleasure one can experience. Choosing a Greece and Turkey Holiday Package from India will reduce the hassle on your trip and will raise the bar of fun you will get. With numerous places to visit and things to do in Greece and Turkey, they attract millions of wanderers every year. Read the below article to know the places to visit in Turkey and Greece for unlimited fun.

Best Places to Visit in Greece and Turkey

Hagia Sophia Museum

Hagia Sophia was built in 537 CE and a shocking fact is, the construction completed in just 6 years in ancient times. Originally constructed by top architects, centred the main dome at a height of 105 foot which was partially destroyed by an earthquake in 558 CE but it was restored in 562 CE. The destruction again took place in 2 times but it could not stop the reconstruction of the church but on a small scale. Hagia Sophia was earlier a cathedral then under Ottoman empire it was transformed into a mosque. Hagia Sophia is now visited by the travellers as a museum.


The cotton castle is what Pamukkale means in English. Stands as the most fascinating spots to escape from the world. The place is naturally loaded up with hot water springs on sandy white terraces. A natural sauna is what attracts most of travellers and is listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The terraces are formed by white carbonated mineral and they are filled with natural hot water. The hot water springs are healthy as they are minerals and calcium-rich water.


The Bosporus is the connecting route of Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea. Bosphorus is the way to capture the beautiful sunset of Turkey. The ultimate coastline with a blend of ultra-modern and ancient culture. Bosporus is located in northwestern Turkey and is a not so wide strait which is mostly used for international transfers and sightseeing.

Maiden’s Tower

The pinnacle stands directly amidst the Bosphorus; it has interested numerous guests and frequented them in their fantasies. Today it houses an eatery however the legend goes that it was worked to disengage and secure the little girl of a Sultan on the grounds that an Oracle had anticipated that she would be killed by a snake when she turned 18. She lived alone in her pinnacle visited uniquely by her dad. Upon the arrival of her eighteenth birthday celebration, glad to have thwarted the Oracle’s expectation, the dad gave his little girl a wonderful container of colourful organic products without understanding that a noxious snake was covered up in it.


Meteora is the biggest rock formation which is listed as world heritage sites. The extraordinary site attracts tourists like a magnet. With over 2 million visitors in a year, Meteroa stands on top of most visited places in Greece. The clifftop ancient monasteries is the main centre of attraction for this place. Meteora is translated to suspended in the air in English. Carved by the best architects in the history the Orthodox monasteries of Meteora are designed to take your breath away. The Greece and Turkey tour is much wasted if you have not explored Meteora.


A few years ago Elafonisi was a hidden place know to very few but now the secret is not a secret anymore. This place attracts tons of travellers throughout the year. Today, this lovely sandy beach​ is the objective goal for everybody from youthful explorers and svelte sun admirers to families with containers and spades. Go in the high season and you’ll discover this once unfilled shoreline, associated by a sandbar to an island nature save, swarmed and equipped with ultimate stays.

Balos Beach

Balos gained its fame from the monopoly over turquoise water. The most scenic view from the beach is what people crave for. The location of Balos lagoon is between the small Cape Tigani and the Cape Gramvousa. Balos beach is a combination of white and blue turquoise water and glowing white sand. The beach offers only in the world pink sand which formed due to millions of shells crushed. The beauty of the beach can be enjoyed with children as the sea is shallow with a little warm water.