What Kind of Questions are Asked in the Tata Scholarship Interview?

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About Tata Scholarship

The J. N. Tata scholarship is a scholarship program that grants one-time loan scholarships to Indian students for studying abroad. The scholarship is granted who pursue full-time postgraduate or PhD or postdoctoral programs. It is offered irrespective of caste, gender or community. The range of scholarship is from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 10 lakh. The scholarship depends on several factors. Students who have qualified for the scholarship can also apply for other scholarship and travel aid by other Tata trust.

Eligibility criteria for Tata scholarship

To be eligible for Tata scholarship, students should fulfil the following criteria:-

  • The applicant must be an Indian citizen to apply for Tata Scholarship.
  • The applicant should graduate from a recognised university. He/She must have consistent academic track record.
  • This scholarship is given to those who want to study abroad.
  • The student must be less than 45 years of age. They can be a mid-career professional who is going abroad for studies.

Selection criteria for Tata Scholarship

The Tata Scholarship for study abroad is granted to students who go for pursuing higher studies abroad. The selection process is very tedious and rigorous.

The selection process is as follows:-

  • Student going abroad must have an excellent GRE/GMAT score and must have a great score in IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Students must write a Statement of Purpose,mentioning why he/she must be eligible for the scholarship and how he intends to build on the knowledge the person will gain through this course.
  • The candidates intending to study abroad must give an online test.
  • Candidates who qualify the interview will be asked to mail scanned copies of documents.
  • Interview must be given by the selected candidates. The interview involves questions about the study.
  • The final selection procedure is based on a composite score in the interview process, online test, IELTS and GRE/GMAT score.

Questions asked in Tata Scholarship interview

Candidates can clear the test round as well as other rounds easily,but when it comes to interview, anyone can become nervous. The interview round is tougher than another round. Answering in front ofthe panel makes many people nervous. If answered questions wrongly then all your hardwork will go in vain. Your chance of getting a scholarship depends on the interview. A passing score in tests but a good interview can lead to gaining of scholarship. So one must seriously prepare for the interview. To help you out, we have brought several questions and topics to help out.

Question 1: Tell something about yourself.

Most common question and the first question is this. You have to be brief. Don’t tell the panel what they already know and don’t be too personal about yourself. You can start by telling your name, one line about where you live and what you are studying. Go on to why you have an interest in the field, but keep it brief — lastly, talk about some of your hobbies.

Question 2: Why you want to pursue this (the field you are in) field?

Tell them what interests you in this field and what made you join in this field. Try to show your passion with your words. Keep it simple. Don’t go overboard with details.

Further questions may be technical ones related to your field. They may be wanting to check your knowledge. They also may ask you why that particular university you want to join and which course you want to pursue in the foreign university. They will ask about future job prospects and how do you plan your future professionally. Since this is a loan scholarship unlike other scholarships abroad in which you don’t have to pay back the money, so go to the interview with good plans.

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