What To Eat When You Are Hungry?

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No doubt, we all have breakfast, lunch and dinner, but few hours after or before every meal, we can feel that oozing vibrations in stomach that beg us to put something in it. And because of the wish of stomach to play with food, we start feel craving for rich-calorie foods, like Pizza, chocolate cake, cream cheese and so on. That’s why, we put those pastas and pizzas in our digestive system, which we have banned on us.

But stop! Now we can have solution for this wrong time hungry bells! The solution is that we can fill our bags with something healthy or light. Morover, we can buy something nutritious for our houses too.
So those healthy and nutritious hungry-breaker foods which you can keep in bag are:

  • Nuts:
    Buy a packet of nuts for your bag. After all, you should consume something energetic during hungry-bell times. And when there are nuts to eat, then why will you need anything else to swallow?
    Nuts are the best way to your hunger to go backward, because it is too nutritious. It contains

  1. Goods fats
  2. Fibre
  3. Plant sterols
  4. Omega-3 fatty acids
  5. Vitamin E
  6. L-arginine.

Unsaturated fats, fibres and plant sterols lower the cholesterol. Omega-3 fatty acids keep your healthy. On the other hand, Vitamin E keep the arteries plaque free and L-arginine makes your arteries more flexible.
But, remember, you should consume them in limited quantity. No doubt, nuts are rich in good fats, but they have too many calories.
So, put handful of nuts in your bag only!

  • Digestive Biscuits:
    Its true that your taste-buds always desire to taste something different after every few days, which means that you cannot consume nuts all the time when you get hungry. Therefore, you need to pick anything else too from grocery for you bag.
    The second item for your bag is digestive biscuits.
    Digestive biscuits, unlike other biscuits, are made of whole grain.
    Whole grain is very good for your health. It keeps your heart alive. Morover, it helps in maintaining weight too. And not only this, whole grains keep the diabetes away from you too.
    And unlike nuts, they are low in calories too! So can have a full packet of it a time without any tension.

  • Fruits:
    You can keep some fruits in your bag too like apple, orange, strawberries or blackberries . Fruits are good choice of beating your hunger. They are healthy and sweet too. And it’s the sweetness, for which crave the most.
    But, remember, fruits should be in small shopper. You don’t know what will happen in future. And it is possible that you might some difficult situation in which your bag would be squeezed too much in the crowded room that all fruits may make all your bag juicy.

So, these are the top foods that you can put in your bag or near your bed, to put them in your mouth whenever you feel hungry before or after meals at wrong times.


Feeling hungry is natural. Everyone needs food to get energy. But, we need a limited amount of energy. That’s why it is good to consume healthy foods because healthy foods give limited energy and unhealthy foods give too much energy. According to health and social care level 3 book 2, too much energy consumption is not good for health because it destroys your body parts the most. Too much carbon, too many fats can cause plaques in arteries and jumble up on your bones as fat. And that fat can cause another complications and diseases too.
So, to save yourselves from such complications and have light and healthy, consume some nutritious foods.

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