What to see in Dubai? Experienced Tourist Guide

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In winter, many plan to rest in hot countries – such an abrupt climate change has a positive effect on the psycho-emotional background of a person. The UAE is one of the countries that can offer tourists a luxurious beach holiday in the coldest months of the year in most of the world. Dubai is most often visited, its mass of unique sights, comfortable climate, clean sea and high level of the service sector guarantee high-quality rest.

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When is it cheaper to rest in Dubai: in Summer, in Autumn

Dubai can be visited all year round – the air temperature here even in the winter months does not fall below 25 degrees Celsius, the sea remains warm, hotels and shops operate without holidays and weekends.

But seasoned tourists claim that these months have several attractive features:

  • The flow of tourists is declining – you can safely walk along the streets of the city, visit the sights without crowding and enjoy a relaxing beach holiday;
  • The cost of tours is low, even independent trips will be profitable – accommodation and meals in the summer in the UAE are very adequate due to the unpopularity of the season;
  • Great discounts are being arranged in stores – shopping lovers will appreciate this moment;
  • In August, a three-day holiday takes place after the end of Ramadan – it is interesting, fun and financially beneficial, because sellers reduce the prices of their goods as much as possible.

And the heat in the summer months in Dubai is transferred quite easily – absolutely all buildings are air-conditioned, they are even at bus stops.

The most successful months for holidays in the United Arab Emirates are October – March.

The air warms up to a maximum of 35 degrees, the temperature of the water in the sea within 21 degrees above zero is a comfortable environment for staying. True, this season is considered the most intense, tourists go to Dubai from all over the world and “demand creates supply”: prices for accommodation, tours and souvenirs grow to incredible values.

How to Save on a Trip?

Holidays in the United Arab Emirates, particularly in Dubai, cannot be called economical – you have to pay for comfort and pleasure. But there are several “tricks” that will help save on a trip:

  • Rent a car in Dubai are expensive, experienced tourists recommend paying attention to public transport.
    It works flawlessly in this eastern city – the tram, water bus and subway allow you to reach any part of the city. The transport is comfortable, equipped with air conditioning and moves clearly on the route schedule. For even greater savings you need to purchase a travel card.
  • You need to buy a book The Entertainer Book – a collection of discount vouchers, which collected 3,000 tourist sites across the country.
    It costs a little more than $ 100 (about 6,000 rubles or 3,000 hryvnias), but the price “bounces off” literally from the first purchases.
  • For example, you can visit a water park or a zoo for children with tickets at a discount of 30%, in some cases it can be done free of charge for vouchers. These books are different – to visit the spas / gyms / massage rooms, for visits to restaurants, for family holidays in parks, for excursions. This “treasure” at the airport is sold, you can make a purchase online.
  • For your own pleasure you need to visit the fountains at the Burj Khalifa skyscraper.
  • Every day at 18-00 a show is arranged, one performance lasts 15 minutes, then a break is made for the same time – and the audience watches the next program, there are no repetitions. The show of Burj Khalifa fountains is recognized as one of the most beautiful in the world, and it is allowed to watch it for free. 4 ways to choose the best car dent repair service.