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Buying a Leather Jacket is like the right of passing for a boy. The day he gets his own chic Leather Jacket he becomes a Man.

Seriously, a Guy donning a Leather Jacket over anything from Shirts to T-Shirts looks Dapper and Chic.

The small brotherly excursion got me thinking Why Is MEN’S LEATHER JACKETSSo Famous and why should every guy have one.

So after a Lot of Digging, I got a Few answers.

Leather Jacket has a long and rugged history with us. Being invented in the early 1900s for aviators and bombing Pilots Leather Jacket was actually protective wear. Special outfits including the Leather Jackets were given to Bombers during the World Wars so as to protect them during dangerous Flights,

Later around 1940s to 1950s many movie stars started dressing in Leather Jackets and then the craze hit. Leather Jackets made them look tough a part of the military uniform with an Edge.

And as with everything in the Fashion industry, the crowd followed the Stars.

MEN’S LEATHER JACKETS became a rebel’s outfit in the 1970s. The leather jacket became symbolic of the bad boy and the US schools actually banned them as a school wear.

Now it is not to say that Leather Jackets have no utility or are just a Style statement. No, men are not that shallow. Leather Jackets have a lot of Utility to be one of the most famous Men’s Wear,

Let’s look at some of them:

  • Leather Jackets have always been for Safety and Protection. The highly durable and Strong tanned outer Leather makes them a hell of a Protection for Men.

As we know Bikers, College Students and mostly all men have very little care about their own safety. Leather Jackets help them keep the suave and also give them the proper Protection.

  • Men are the epitome of Versatility. We prefer our clothes to have multi-functionality and Leather Jacket is the best among them. A leather Jacket essentially goes with everything.

And being the easy going men that most of us are, a good Leather Jacket is the best Fashion choice and solution for all.

Now this covers the past and Utility of the Leather Jacket. But it still does not totally divulge the secret of the Fame of Leather Jacket among today’s generation especially the Youth.

I have an answer for it too. The simplest answer that attracts today’s youth to a Leather Jacket is the Coolness and the Suave of wearing it. Style, funkiness, class, uniqueness call it what you want to guys want it.

Yep, that is the truth.

Most guys do buy their first Leather Jacket after watching the Movie stars and the models sporting a classy Jacket with ease. The class and style mixed with a dash of danger and sweetness is what draws them to it.

The best thing is that the tough and dangerous guy look is timeless and everlasting. Leather Jackets are generally paired with the rugged and bad boy look. And believe me when I say this, Girls love bad boys.

So a leather jacket gives its wearer a sense of resoluteness, competence, and edginess, even when it’s a very smooth and refined style of jacket.

 The attitude that doesn’t look like it’s trying too hard is tough to come by, and that’s one of the best reasons to wear leather now and again.

The Choices for Men-

Finally, one of the lesser but still significant reasons for the Leather Jacket’s Fame is the Choices it has and supplies to the Male population. We all know men have always had to struggle with choices among clothing.

Pants and shirts were all we had. But with the incursion of Leather Jackets the whole Fashion game has changed. The choices and styles alone are immense we have:

  • Field Jacket – The most underrated but one of the best Styled Jackets of all. The chic and timeless Style of the M-65, as it’s otherwise known sets it apart from the rest. Flaunting multiple pockets with a slightly longer finish than other, this is the ultimate casual stylish wear for Men.
  • Racer Jacket – Aside from the Military base, Leather Jackets have been heavily influenced by the automotive industry. Post World War 2 the Racing Community came up with the cool and hip Racer Jackets.

These Jackets had protection and Style embedded into them.

  • Flight Jacket – The most classic and the first Leather Jacket Design of All. The Flight Jacket was created for the World War 2 Fighter Pilots and has since then become a Fan favourite.

In the Recent Year the Colour Choices for the Leather Jackets have also increased quite a lot. The Traditional Black and Brown Jackets still rule but the new choice of literally tens of colours from Blue to green to even White have also flooded the customer.

In Retrospection-

Leather Jackets are the “IT” thing now. I tried to find why. But what matters is Leather Jackets are Famous. So you need to get one now. Just get one Leather Jacket now. You will understand what the Fuss is about.


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