Why people love Nigerian entertainment blogs

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Entertainment is in heavy demand in Nigeria these days. The entertainment industry here hadn’t really been held in much regard ever, but it is lately being recognized all over the world. Today, it generates several billions of dollars worth of revenue for the country. The steady growth of entertainment has been reported in the top entertainment blogs in Nigeriaand is now a force to reckon with in Australia.

Which are the entertainment niches?

Certain entertainment bloggers have been focusing only on a specific niche, while there are those who cover them all. Niches here include the following, but are not limited to:

  • Fashion
  • Movies
  • Latest videos
  • Gossips
  • Celebrity insights
  • Music
  • News

Entertainment blogging in Nigeria

Creativity has started blossoming in Nigeria, with several youngsters becoming popular through their blogging exploits. The content created by these bloggers easily attracts readers and top advertisers. Many of them have created blogs on different themes, including weddings. Celebrity fashion styles, odd news, and the latest fashion trends are covered by these bloggers. At the same time, users appreciate it if the news is written in a dramatic manner.

Why are entertainment blogs popular in Nigeria?

To understand the reasons for this, one has to understand Nigerian society. Many people like to dodge their responsibilities, avoid work pressure and also hate work. They constantly seek the areas of low resistance. To any unenlightened person, critical thinking will appear like heavy work, and most persons do not seem themselves making futures in it.

People here commonly come online in their free times, to relax after a long day of work. Pleasure and satisfaction can primarily be derived from entertainment news. And no, this has not started from the current generation, but from their parents and subsequently grandparents, thereby forming a circle.

Predominantly, Nigeria is a country which gathers information only when it needs the same. In other words, students will start studying a few weeks before their exams, and politicians will recall the electorate a few weeks prior to elections. Similarly, blogs other than entertainment will be read only when they are needed to. 

Requirements of a great entertainment blog

Right now is the best time to be an entertainment blogger due to huge scope for the same online. If you consider the current COVID-19 situation, most people would be getting bored in their homes and will want to be entertained instead of learning more about the global situation. Here is a list of reasons to start such a blog:

  1. Every person can relate to the entertainment industry, irrespective of caste, tribe or sex
  2. Entertainment is a massive industry in Nigeria at present
  3. All individuals can relate to it
  4. Readers and fans for every kind of entertainment blog will always be available
  5. There must be passion when you create such a blog
  6. You need to develop a mindset for doing business
  7. Create a platform for yourself and let it create a brand. You will need to constantly strengthen this brand.
  8. The domain name of your blogging website must relate to the entertainment industry
  9. You need to develop a fan following on social media
  10. Always put up great and original content

Entertainment can be combined with other sections

One of the winning formulae for the success of a blog is to develop it into a news and entertainment blog. It makes sense for a reader to be reading about the latest political, economic and current happenings of the State and then move towards celebrity news and gossips. Of course, one can read in the reverse sequence as well.

Irrespective of whether it is combined with news or not, it is always a great idea to have relevant entertainment information and top news featured on the home page. That way, readers will not have to spend much time in trying to figure out what to start with. News bits on the home page are like headlines- they tend to stick in the head.

Web Series must be featured

These days most viewers, in Nigeria and elsewhere, have turned to Internet TV instead of traditional TV content. Netflix probably has the best online content in the world today, closely followed by Amazon Prime. Each of the online TV shows have several popular TV and film actors, and it makes a lot of sense to write on news and gossips related to these shows. One may even pick the popular shows and make a calculated guess about what is going to happen in the next episode, or season; you wouldn’t believe the number of people who would want to read such content.

People may not know about the range of niches that the entertainment genres cover. From music events to movie awards, celebrity and wacky news, entertainment has them all.

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