Wood Burning Stove – get in touch with the new rules

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Wood burning stoves are common in British households. Not only in the UK but also in the entire world, especially in the cold places where it is mandatory to warm the home, people prefer wood-burning stoves in most of the cases.

The wood burning stoves will be henceforth regulated under the latest clean air rules. The government in the UK has declared certain plans to bar all but the cleanest stoves by the year 2022 as a considerable part of the Clean Air Strategy. The survey says that more than one million British houses use wood-burning stoves for warming their cockles during the winter time. Following the government’s plan, some homes can encounter crackdown.

It is announced that the government will ban the stoves’ sale if they don’t meet the environmental standards. It also boosts the sale of clean wood. It encourages people with older and less green stoves to upgrade the stoves. It gives an introduction to the ‘No-Burn Notices’ that provides the councils the ability to resist people from using the stoves on the days when the quality of air is specifically low.

As per the Environment Secretary Michael Gove, there is a need for strong and urgent action for lowering the harmful emissions and improve the air that we breathe. The air pollution is continuing to shorten life. It is causing harm to the children. It is decreasing the quality of life.

Presently, the wood-burning stoves involve around 38% of particulate matter air pollution. The government has planned to lower around 30% in total by the year 2030.

You can purchase an environmental stove. The government has laid down a certification for the stoves that surely meet the green standard. These stoves will be the only ones that will be available in the stores. They will be labelled with a specific ‘ecodesign’ sticker. The stoves will have improved air circulation and they will burn much cleaner.

You have to check whether your chosen stove has the sticker. Also look for the efficiency rating. Don’t forget to check the emissions level on the stove.

If anyone of you resides in London which is a smoke-controlled zone, you can buy only DEFRA approved smoke exempt stove that is tested for the emission levels in the time of normal operation.

The stove manufacturers are working hard to produce green stoves. The fact is that wood-burning stoves are cleaner than the open fires.

You can upgrade your stove to an eco-friendly one. If your stove is over 10 years old, you can replace it. In the current market, the stoves that are available release around 90% fewer emissions than the open fires and around 80% lesser than the stoves that are ten years older. The newly designed stoves are 80% efficacious. It has grown from around 60 % in the year 2008. The new stove owners can receive more heat for their bucks.

It is extremely problematic to clean the older stoves. One has the permit to retrofit the filters though they are quite expensive. The technology is quite proven.

You can install a filter:

The electrostatic filters can lower the emissions of the fine particles by up to approximately 92%. For example, filter like Poujoulat Top Clean ionizes the particulates for attracting them to the wall of the flue. Instead of getting released into the atmosphere, they remain in the flue. You can sweep the particles later during the chimney cleaning.

The wood burning stoves have certain disadvantages:

Sourcing the wood is the biggest disadvantage. Plus, you have to secure a place to store and put it into a chamber. Hence, you have to be prepared before you start the wood burning stove. The wood should be dried and seasoned properly, otherwise, you will end up in unnecessary smoke and a large number of logs. You must keep the children and pets away from the stove. You have to take the hurdles of regular cleaning of ashes. You can buy the woods from the shop. Otherwise, you have to work really hard to cut the right wood, chop it into small pieces, dry them, store them, protect them from insects and harsh weather, and many other things.

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