25 Helpful and effective study tips

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Hii , How are you I hope you’re doing very well. I’m Rohit, and Today Here in this post I have shared with you 25 effective and Helpful Study Tips that will help you to study well & Get Government Jobs in india . If you’re wondering for Study tips, Don’t wonder anywhere here are some effective study tips that will help you a lot.Must read these.

  1. If you have a phone use it as a study material. Here how you can do it.Make some images of your formulas, keywords,that you need to know and set as your phone’s wallpaper. Every time you go to pick up your phone, you will be confronted with the study materials, and have a very mini-study session available to you in your pocket at all time. Here how you can make it – open any notes app in your smartphone and type your formulas According to your class materials And just take a screenshot and set as you phones wallpaper.
  2. Leave and study at the library if your home or dorm settings are too much distracting. Read more How to concentrate on study?
  3. Stop the distractions by impose an Electronic Lockdown by turning off email, text messages, phones and musics.
  4. Find a location in which you can stand and perhaps, write on a white board, especially when you’re memorizing facts and details
  5. Remind others whose phones ring incessantly to put their phone on silent or study somewhere else.
  6. Take a short nap when you’re too tired to study, by taking a short a nap, you can focus on your studies better than before. Simply put your head down on your desk for a few minutes. Know more how to focus on study.
  7. Clear the desk clutter, so you can focus on study better. You might need to throw a tablecloth over the mess, so it isn’t distracting.
  8. Always Plan to have periodic stretch breaks and eyes rest when working on a laptop or Computer for long periods.
  9. Buy your Studying supplies at the beginning of the term, so that your study materials are easily accessible.
  10. Make an inviting studying setting by using refreshing scents such as evergreen or lemon zests.
  11. Keep yourself motivated by posting a graph on your book or computer to show number of problems you complete. Here how you can be motivated for study
  12. Always keep a pair of earplugs or ear buds available, in case things get noisy near you and you can’t change your study locations. So simply plugin earbuds. 
  13. Always try to Study your most difficult courses in locations like where there is no computers or televisions. If you having problems to learning. Here how you can Learn Faster?
  14. Brighten the study space by make it inviting and appealing, but not distracting.
  15. Change your locations to stay alert and on track. Early in the days, go to a coffee shop, after than a library.
  16. Always Select a non–distracting location for Studying well. Make it your habit to go to this place at the same time everyday.
  17. Select a location in which, there you can access to healthy snacks and comfortable places to walk and relax.
  18. Don’t study on a bed or overstuffed chair since it tends to be too comfortable, especially, if you’re already tired.
  19. Find a study buddy or a friend who will help you to go to the library or other non–distracting places
  20. Use a fan or other white noise, if the study setting is too quiet and you find it difficult to maintain your focus.
  21. Use a watch or a timer to help stick to a productive study schedule. And always Include a break of 20 to 40 minutes in your Studying schedule. If you don’t know how to make a schedule? click here to know 
  22. Move your location if it becomes too distracting to concentrate, even if you’re with your friends.
  23. Find a secret study place or a location that is out of the path of friends, who is distracting you, when you are trying to focus on study.
  24. Find out some motivating illustrations and slogans to help you start working on your most difficult courses.
  25. Wear a special study hat or visor to trigger your study and focus time, and to screen out visual distractions.

I hope you liked these Study Tips, if this post helped you than kindly help me by sharing this post with your friends and classmates also on your all social accounts And if you didn’t liked it than let me know in the comment section below. I’ll try to post more study tips better than it. For more interesting and useful Study tips and Study hacks visit our website studytips.xyz

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