Why Mumbai is the most wonderful city of India

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Mumbai has various names some people maximum city and locals call it amchi Mumbai and for expats, it is their dream city. Mumbai is the economic capital of the country and hence is an overpopulated city. People from all over India come to Mumbai to try their luck in the entertainment industry some succeed in their attempt to shine while many of them go unnoticed in this crowded city.

The city has a lot to offer and is home to nearly 13 million people. The city has every kind of people from rich industrialists, the film stars, teachers, clerks, street vendors everyone and the city has a major contribution from expats in what it is today. The city offers a spectacular sea view as you enter the city it is a ray of hope for many to improve their life. Mumbai has both modern as well as, contemporary architecture which speaks about the history and culture of the city.

Local train is the lifeline

Local train is the lifeline of the city you cannot imagine a single without local trains here. There is one more thing which Mumbaikars can’t imagine their life without that is dabbawalas. Yeah, you heard it right and it is astonishing to see that how these dabbawalas do their work so much accuracy. Last but not the least is the very infamous ‘’Mumbai ki Baarish’’ it drags a lot of attention in every monsoon. Despite all the problems people face due to this they still love rain. People of from classes of society have made their home in this city. South Mumbai is what you call South Delhi I don’t think I need to explain you beyond this (Wink!).

People and their impact on food

The city offers a lot of variety in terms of food. The food has an impact of the people who came here and then made their home in the city. The Parsi and Gujarati effect is noticed on the food here. A very famous street food ‘dabeli’ comes from Gujarat. One of the very famous street foods of Mumbai which is now becoming popular all over India is Vada pav. The food here is delicious and irresistible. You can get all types of world cuisine here that is foods from high end restaurants to streets are available here.

More people less space

Cost of living is very high in Mumbai with more number of people and less space available. People live in a very small space in order to survive the high cost of living people ends up sharing one room with five or six people. Setting up a home is the most difficult task as it involves a lot of money and if you are someone who needs to travel a lot because of your job this is certainly not a very good option for you.

How to deal with city’s expensive lifestyle?

To tackle the high cost of living you either need to earn a salary, which could easily fetch you a luxurious lifestyle or else you have to spend wisely. In the second situation which is the case with almost 90 percent of the population. You can cut the cost of buying furniture and electronic items instead you can simply buy them on rent.

Furniture leasing is your answer

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