Top 11 tips for a honeymoons trip in Kerala

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Among many other trips that you set out for, honeymoons are probably the ones that you prefer planning and executing perfectly. While you may be looking for the best honeymoon destinations in India, Kerala is certainly a destination you would not really like to miss out from your list of best places. With the most amazing travel plans that we offer, you could easily get some of the best Kerala tour packages. Kerala holds on to greatly appreciable places that could bring you the most beautiful, memorable moments with your better half.

You’re never less of places or attractions. However, there are still many other aspects that need to be considered for executing trips well. It is always appreciable to consider a few tips to make sure that everything moves perfectly further.

When you move to Kerala…

Kerala is a safe location with excellent attractions and the perfect romantic atmosphere that you may want. If you are not sure about what would be the best activities to do during your visit to Kerala, here are a few best suggestions:

  1. Exotic Munnar Tea Gardens

Munnar is probably the best and the most popular hill station in Kerala. If you both have been admirers of nature and its inexplicable beauty, Munnar is never to be missed while you are exploring Kerala. This place is packed with a plenty of vacation spots and adventure activities that could always be the best to make up the best of your time.

All around you here would be rich tea gardens, scented air and the best weather to live through the best moments of your life. You may take up various trek trails if you are really into adventure or want to make things even more interesting.

2. Taste life in a houseboat at Alleppy

Known to be one of the most verdant areas of Kerala, Alleppy is perfect to explore the backwaters here. You could choose to spend a few days on a houseboat and taste some of the best local cuisines. This could be one of the best places if you want to isolate from crowds and find some personal space. Depending on your views for a wedding trip you may plan to make out most memories at the place.

3. Explore the backwaters at Kumarakom

Kerala had always been popular its backwaters and the explicit natural beauty it showcases. You can make it count by cruising a houseboat. There are a lot of other activities that you can take up. The glittering back waters would always keep up your days going on well with the most cherished activities to take part and the best serene views to capture all around you.

4. Hit up the Kovalam Beach

Holding on to historical events, the Kovalam beach is a hub for various interesting activities and a perfect place to relax. There are a lot of elements that are worth exploring on the shoreline. You may attend various causal beach occasions with your other half. The lighthouse, the Samudra beach and the Hawah shoreline, everything is worth exploring.

5. Soulful explorations at Bekal

Along with all the solace you may desire, this place would bring to you the actual magnificence that you may have travelled so long for. The Bekal fort is undeniably one of the most popular explorations here that will let you traverse across architectural beauty and the historical events that may make up their place here. The backwaters and clean sands altogether make it an ideal destination to be explored with your partner.

6. Athirapilly Waterfall

The elegantly cascading waterfall with fresh air and lush forests all around, Athirapilly waterfalls could be absolutely a perfect visit during your honeymoon in Kerala. The verdant Sholayar range poses some of the best views for you to get enticed with. You may also be able to explore some of the Thrissur regions from here. There are several thick woodlands where you may head to.

7. Wayanad

Wayanad is indeed a good place to seek some peace while you explore newer places with your partner. Since both of you may be here to escape your regular lifestyles, you are likely to find various interesting elements to count up. Including the astounding Edakkal caves, Wayanad is a package of several unforgettable experiences. Your wedding trip could turn out to be really appreciable here.

8. Thekkady

Kerala is indeed a perfect place to explore the best aspects of nature and wildlife. The Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary would be a major exploration here. Thekkady would satisfy all your desires perfectly with its fascinating natural elegance and flora and fauna it boasts. There are also several resorts that could be best visited. Moreover, it is advisable to take some help from your guide.

9. Picturesque Vagamon

The beauty in Vagamon is known to possess a special appeal in itself. With flawless valleys, elegant waterfalls and hillocks, this place would bring to you absolutely enticing experiences while you are on your exploration. You may also explore the adjacent places for even more memorable experiences. There are some of the best places to find settlements during your trip.

10. Poovar Island

Poovar island is one of the most strange and rare places that you will ever visit. This is where the ocean, a river and a shoreline all are present altogether. This island would bring together all probable elements that you may be seeking to spend some quality moments and make it all memorable both for you and them. Find some of the most suitable places to stay and enjoy your precious time here with your better half.

11. Beaches of Marari

Marari is an absolutely decent destination with really adorable shoreline. On your wedding voyage, it could be one of the best places visited and lived at. The sandy shores and sunrays dazzling upon the waves and the sea, all create perfect experiences. There are many other attractions here that could be visited with your partner.

Considering the above-mentioned places, you may pick the best Kerala tour packages from Mumbai and execute your honeymoon trips perfectly.

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