10 Benefits of Experiencing a Safari in Jim Corbett National Park

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Travel is always educational, but a lot of the trip’s fun depends on where you go. Lately, activities like jungle safaris, camping under the stars, night treks and hikes have gained a lot of traction among both youngsters and families alike. Apart from the spirit of adventure it infuses in you, outdoor holidays improve fitness, mental focus and mindfulness about the environment.

If you’re looking for an outdoor holiday for the family this year, we recommend planning a holiday at Corbett National Park.

Safaris at Jim Corbett…

Spread over 1,319 square kilometres, Jim Corbett National Park is divided into different zones, as per animal activity, access routes, topography, etc. The zones are Sonanadi, Dhela, Dhikala, Sitabani, Pakhro, Durgadevi, Garijiya and Bijrani. You can take a jeep safari into designated zones.

There are some resorts located in the park’s vicinity that offer a memorable living experience in the jungle. You could book any of them, but we suggest a premium resortthat promises safety and security if you’re travelling with young children.

Benefits of going on a safari at Jim Corbett National Park

It seems like all you have to do is book a resort, have them work out the safari booking, and go on the safari – but there are several benefits of jungle safaris. Consider 10 of them:

  1. Increases mental focus, since you become aware of the slightest sounds and movement in the woods.
  2. Relieves stress, since you are out in the greenery and concentrating on sighting tigers and other animals.
  3. Improves mood. The anticipation of spotting a tiger or two – and eventually seeing them – releases endorphins or ‘feel good hormones’ in the system
  4. Improves spiritual health, since you go into a silent zone which runs on its own laws that you must follow. It is like surrendering to the vibrations of the universe.
  5. Teaches discipline, since you are expected to maintain silence and not provoke the animals that cross your path. There are strict rules to adhere to while on the safari – do not make noise, do not get off the vehicle, do not heckle the animals, do not litter, etc.
  6. Teaches you about boundaries.You must respect the animals’ space and adhere to Park rules.
  7. Helps one understand the laws of the jungle, as explained by the guide accompanying the group. Animals behave differently during the day and night, and they respect the space that other animals occupy. These are important lessons for humans, too.
  8. Increases ecological sensitivity, since you are going into the jungle and coming back rejuvenated by the experience. You mentally vow never to litter or degrade green areas.
  9. Makes you an adventure junkie, because it gives you a high to spot animals in their natural setting. You yearn to have more of such adventures again.
  10. Becomes a memorable experience, since the Jim Corbett National Park is the only such park of its kind in the country, and you spot several animals that you would never be able to see in the usual course of your life.

How to get there

The Jim Corbett National Park is close to Nainital.. Most people drive down from Delhi (about 295 km away). The closest domestic airport is 50 km away at Pantnagar, while the nearest international airport is at Delhi. If travelling by train, you should alight at Ramnagar Railway station (about 12 km away) and take a car to the park.

Once there, you can book a resort in the park and get details about booking the jungle safari.

How to book the safari

You can book the jungle safari online before you leave for your holiday. Advance booking is recommended because the park has visitors from all over the world, and there are limited slots available in the peak tourist season. You can even book by filling out an application at the park’s office in Ramnagar. The concierge at your Jim Corbett resort can help you book.

Why stay at Club Mahindra Jim Corbett resort

This Jim Corbett resort is located along the Kosi river, and has a pleasing ambience that will entice adults and kids alike. The resort offers night camps, massages, outdoor dining and traditional Kumaoni meals, among other delights. The Club Mahindra resort offers a unique jungle stay experience in a completely safe setting for young and old alike.

How to book your holiday

You can buy a Club Mahindra membership to avail of the most memorable holidays for 25 years, for yourself and your loved ones. The membership gives you access to all Club Mahindra resorts and affiliate properties in India and abroad, and allows you to customise your holiday as per your need and preferred travel times.

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