Best ayurvedic remedies to avoid travel constipation

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As the pandemic dwindles, traveling is back on track. Hotels are full, airplanes are running at maximum capacity. The tourism industry has never seen such an exciting phase. The industry, of course, is run by a cadre of travelers who want to have the best time traveling this year. Traveling, as great as it is, comes with its cons. Changing your lifestyle for a couple of weeks can cause an upheaval in your body. The change can take a toll on your digestive system from switching your food routine to galloping the complimentary bread baskets.

Imagine yourself, lounging on a beach, and you can’t relax because you had a disappointing morning in the bathroom. Constipation, in medical terms, is the lack of bowel movements caused by a change in diet or a multitude of other factors. Nobody wants that!

Main Reasons Behind Constipation During Travels

  1. Skipping meals or eating foods that are low in fiber and dense in protein.
  2. Not drinking enough water in days.
  3. Not moving your body enough.
  4. Changing your routine or sleep cycle.
  5. Eating high-sugared foods and unhealthy junk food.
  6. Eating an extraordinary amount of cheese and other dairy products.

While you can prepare for a lot of things, the occasional oops moments can happen to anyone. The best way to make it through is to be prepared forehand.

Here are the best ways to avoid constipation while traveling

  1. Stay active

Although travel demands a tremendous amount of exertion, some people chuck the outings for indoor meet and greet. We can understand that it’s vacation time and you’d like to do as your heart pleases, but it is recommended that you spend at least an hour or more taking walks outside.

  • Drink enough water

Water drinking is usually discouraged due to long travels and lack of bathroom breaks, but you must get at least drink 2 litres daily. And no, coffee and alcoholic beverages do not count. You must get your daily quotient of water and nothing less. Dehydration can lead to constipation and plenty of other physical disturbances such as nausea and chapped lips.

  • Don’t load up on fibrous foods

You should certainly eat enough fibre in the form of fruits and vegetables, but loading up on fibre, especially on vacation is not such a good idea. It is key to have a balanced diet with enough carbohydrates and proteins along with fibre and fats is the way to go.

  •    Keep a cap on the snacks

If you don’t want to spend your traveling with a stuffed stomach, go easy on the bags of chips and sweetened candies.  A handful of snacks is all right, but overloading on them sets you up for intense discomfort.

  • Get plenty of rest

It is obvious for people to jam-pack their schedules with travel itineraries, but making room for appropriate rest is important to keep your bodily functions in order. As mentioned in the framework of MAMC, Bhopal, rest is an important component of your travel and should not be taken for granted.

  • Take signals from your body

Your body is susceptible and sends signals of disturbed bowel movements almost immediately. One of the first signs of constipation is mouth ulcers, dehydration, and bad breath. The best way to avoid the build-up of constipation is to take heed of your body’s signals and respond accordingly.

How to Deal With Constipation During Travels

If you still somehow end up with a stuffed stomach, here’s how you can take of it:

  1. Take a fiber-rich lunch and go easy on the dinner

As per the Ayurvedic college in Bhopal, travel constipation is a pretty common phenomenon. Skip the bread and lay off the pizza for a meal and dine on some vegetables and salads for a while. Rather than resorting to eating hotel-exclusive food, buy some fresh tropical fruits from the place you are visiting. It’s a great way to keep your bowels moving and to acquaint yourself with the local offerings.

  • Drink warm water

How about laying off the cold carbonated drinks for a warm glass of water or some mint tea? Warm fluids trigger bowel movements, and it is recommended that you take a glass or two of lukewarm water to satiate your bowels. It is understandable that if you are traveling to a tropical place, you cannot drink a lot of warm water. Therefore you can have half a glass before and after your meals.

  • Take a walk after your meal                

Often travel schedules are packed and dinner always falls at the end of the day. The worst thing you can do is to go to bed with a full stomach. Instead of lounging around after having dinner, take a walk around the hotel after having your meals. Travels demand a lot from the body, but fixing a walk just after your meal can be of immense help in relieving your bowels.

  •  Use a laxative

Although the aforementioned tips should be your first resort, sometimes they do not work. You can drink all the warm water or eat enough fruits, but there isn’t always a natural solution to stuck bowels. Therefore it is recommended that you do not waste your precious vacation days and take a physician-approved laxative to relieve yourself.

  • Take a physician’s consult

Finally, if nothing works, it is recommended that you get a consult from your trusted ayurvedic physician via phone. It is better to jump over the hoop and get help if that can save your precious vacation time.

In conclusion,

It is a common teaching in theBAMS College in Bhopal, that there’s a natural solution for everything, including untimely diarrhea and constipation. It’s not every day that you get a chance to go on a vacation. And nature’s calls are deeply unpredictable. Here are our tips on how to avoid travel constipation. And in case you do get caught up in an OOPS moment, now you know how to take care of it. Enjoy!

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