Thinking Of Settling Down In Goa? You Must Know These 5 Things

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of nature, lead a laidback and carefree lifestyle, and want to meet new people. For artistic people, Goa would be an interesting choice because the serenity and exposure it offers are incomparable. In fact, many well-known celebrities and business owners have houses in Goa where they come to relax and rejuvenate.

Tourists from all over the world visit Goa and even rent houses to stay in the smallest state of India for a few months. Pristine beaches, immense sunlight, greenery, and an opulent lifestyle pulls everyone to Goa. It is fairly easy to find Holiday Homes In Goa For Sale that are not only beautiful but also safe. Before you buy one, you should know how life in Goa would be.

Free-Spirited People

The locals here, as mentioned above, are friendly, warm, and helpful. They love talking to people and are free-spirited beings who focus on enjoying life to the fullest. You will find them wearing comfortable clothes throughout the day, chit-chatting with their customers, and relaxing while working.

Moreover, the local population here consists of people of all religions, ethnicity, and even nationality. This is whyGoans live harmoniously and there are no cultural biases seen here. Christmas is celebrated as merrily as Diwali.

Goa was ruled by Portugal until 1961 and its influence is reflected in architecture, people‚Äôs mindset, ensembles, food, and houses in villages. You will witness villa-shaped houses with colorful outer palettes, and distinctive windows and doors.

Impact Of Tourism

Goa has the highest per capita income and one of the major contributors to its income is tourism. Most of the locals here earn by renting their places, running restaurants and pubs, renting their vehicles, selling clothes, accessories, painting to tourists, etc. In short, most of the income of the Goan population relies on tourism.

Because Goa has numerous things to offer, tourism here is increasing every year. Many corporations are organizing their yearly conferences in this state, so it witnesses tourism throughout the year. People have also started visiting Goa during the summers because rental prices and flight costs are lower. So, if you buy a house or apartment in Goa and rent it, you can obtain almost 15% extra income every year.

Beach Life

The coastline of Goa is lined up with beaches. You can even calm your nerves by indulging in thrilling watersports, including scuba diving, kite surfing, parasailing, etc. Or You can rest on the sand and get tanned or take a swim in the sea.

Within every 10 minutes of travel, you can visit a new beach with a different vibe. While many beaches are silent and unfrequented, beaches like Baga, Anjuna, Vagator in North Goa have numerous shacks and pubs nearby. All the shacks on these beaches serve a full range of alcohol and mouth-watering dishes. The beaches in North Goa offer a range of activities and are always full of tourists. This is why the North Goa beach belt yields high rent and is favorable for investment.

Perfect For Unwinding Yourself

Staying in Goa for a couple of days is enough to clear all the tensions and worries from your mind. If you want to practice meditation or yoga, the calm beaches are ideal for that. Listening to the sea waves while meditating will surely leave a calming impact on your mind.

Additionally, Goa has hills, waterfalls, ample sunlight, and greenery, which will further help you heal yourself. This is because being in the middle of nature releases happy hormones that help you relax and focus on the brighter side of life.

Furthermore, people in Goa are so warm and friendly that they will help you in every way they can. Also, unlike the competitive spirit of city-dwellers, the Goan lifestyle is laidback. You can spend your entire day reading a book, painting, or simply relaxing on the beach.


You will find a wide variety of cuisines and vegetarian, vegan, and non-vegetarian dishes here because of extensive tourism and settlers from all over the world. Apart from Indian cuisines, you will find Mediterranean, Chinese, Italian, Goan, and other cuisines. Many places here serve fresh seafood prepared in rich spices.  

Moreover, supermarkets in Goa sell all kinds of national and international alcohol at cheaper prices. Also, the shacks, pubs, and clubs also offer alcohol at reasonable prices.

The Bottom Line

Goa is, thus, a great place to live in. You can access the beach whenever you want and party throughout the year. You can make as many friends as you like and know more about different cultures, ideas, and perceptions. If you are looking forward to changing your life drastically and rediscover yourself, Goa is ideal.