Top 10 Most Beautiful Philippines beaches list

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Planning for a vacation in the Philippines? The Philippines is one of the most beautiful countries in the Southeast Asian region where people throng in the thousands, especially during the winters, to bask in the balmy sun in one of its many popular Sandy beaches. Philippines beaches are not as popular among sailors but also among motorcyclists who would travel from across the country and even across international borders to enjoy the warm hospitality of the Filipino people and spend some quality time with their families on the beautiful Philippines beaches. We have compiled a list of the 10 most popular Philippines pictures that you should definitely check out if you are planning for a winter vacation in the Philippines.

Philippines popular beaches

One of the most amazing things about the Philippines is that there are more than 7500 islands with almost every one of them as good as the next which makes it a real challenge to find out the most picturesque and unique beach for your upcoming vacation. One thing that you need to be very clear about in your head is that there is no bad beach in the Philippines but if you are looking for a quiet and beautiful spot you might have to do a little bit of research.

To find the best Philippines beach for your vacation you need to settle down upon a few expectations that you have from the vacation. Are you looking for a beach to check out the mesmerizing nightlife in the Philippines? If you plan to hop around the amazing restaurants near the water then we definitely recommend baches that are really popular with the tourist, because that is where you will find the maximum number of eateries and tourist attractions very close to the water, which means you can enjoy the entire day laying on the warm sand and then head straight to one of the many night clubs and have an incredible time!

The 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in the Philippines

1. White Beach

When you’re thinking of islands in the Philippines you can simply cannot ignore the charm of white beach on the Boracayisland! The beautiful white sands contrasting the turquoise blue seas and the deep blue skies above is simply magical! You can find everything from Kayaking to parasailing to boat riding on the White beach, which is why it is so popular with tourist across the world. You might have seen this recommendation one time too many, but believe us, the White Beach is definitely must-visit if you want to see the fun side of Philippines.

2. El Nido

Next on our list is the El Nido, another hot favourite that never misses to amaze not just first timers but also those who have been here before. Check out the limestone cliffs here. This place is also known as the gateway to the Bacuit archipelago, and has been placed in many top beaches list including being the 4threcommendation by Condé Nast. If you like history tidbits, scientists have found proof of human settlement as early as 2680BC which is simply amazing consider the fact that people have been vacation on this beach since that time! You can fly in directly to the El Nido airport or arrive by road from Puerto Princesa or take the Tatay-El Nido national road.

3. Bantayan Island Beach (Paradise Beach)

With a name like Paradise beach can anything go wrong! This place also goes by the name of Sandira Beach and is home to some of the most pristine white sands in the country. There isn’t a lot of crowd here, which makes it the perfect spot for some peace and tranquility where you can spend some time to chill and unwind from the stress of life. There are some beautiful spots to jump from rocks directly into the turquoise blue ocean, or just swim around in the warm water. You will have to pay an entrée fee of PHP50 but it is completely worth every penny!

4. Alona Beach

Named after a 70’s movie star Alona Alegre, the Alona beach is a great place for reef lovers. Famous for its 1.5-kilometer-long sandy beach, Alona is perfect for spending some comfortable time on the warm sands or go snorkelling in the blue waters. It is one of the most popular diving destinations in the Philippines and is usually crowded with tourists so if you are planning to stay the night make sure to book your hotels in advance. The place is quite economical but make sure to stay away from the exotic international eateries if you are on a tight budget. The seafood here is definitely amazing.

5. Dumaluan Beach

Dumaluan beach is on the Panglao Island. The water here is so transparent you can see the sea life below! Spend time basking in the balmy winter sun below the palm trees with the waves lapping on the white sands, or if you are feeling adventurous go jet-skiing which will surely get your heart pumping with excitement. You will see many people lounging in their tree nets tied between the postcard-perfect palms! There are many affordable eateries dotting the beach. Try to avoid the post resorts if money is a concern.

6. Camarines Sur

Pebble Beach on the Camarines Sur is a great place for winter vacations, but if you are looking for solitude and a little time away from the rush of life head straight for the Caramoan Peninsula. Gota Beach is an epic place for a calming vacation. Just a fun fact: this is where two seasons of the Survivor series was shot, which gives you an idea of the isolation here. But not to worry there are many ferries that bring tourists around in the nearby islands and to Gota Beach as well, which means you can hop on one and get out whenever your heart desires. There are a ton of wonderful places to see in the Camarines Sur such as the Itbog Falls, Mt Isarog, Buhi Lake, Bayagin Falls, Sabang&Tubigan Falls – the list goes on!

7. Talikud Island

Fish sanctuaries, photogenic white beach and a bustling marine life in the water off the white sandy beaches make Talikud Island a great spot for consideration. The place is best for a disconnected vacation which is made easier by the lack of a robust electrical infrastructure here. So, you may want to check the island out during the day and get back to a more well-connected place before nightfall. Though there are good beach resorts and cottages in the Talikud itself if you want to check them out.

8. Crystal Beach

Cute cottages and natural beauty of the Crystal Beach makes it one of the hot destinations for both Filipinos and international travellers alike. The waves past the beach is perfect for surfers, and even if you are not a pro you can easily get a quick surfing lesson and get adventurous! The pristine beaches definitely make for a million Instagram pictures! Instead of staying at a hotel or a resort try the camping experience that will last a lifetime in your memories.

9. Dahican Beach

Located in Mati, the Dahican Beach stretches for 7 kilometres is shaped like a crescent moon! This place was once known as the best kept secret of Mati, but not anymore and for all the good reasons. If you are done enjoying the sun on the beaches, go check out the endangered sea turtle in the sanctuary or try your surfing skills. There are a lot of places to spend the night here. The open-air cottages are great for summer, but definitely not recommended for winters when the sea wind after sunset can get chilly!

10. Ilocos Norte

Home of former president Ferdinand Marcos, Ilocos Norte has a definite old Spanish & Moroccan charm thanks to the early occupiers and sugarcane businessmen that settled here. If you are interested in languages, this where ‘Faire Atta’ is spoken, one of the 15 endangered languages according to the UNESCO. It is known as one of the best northern beach destinations in the Philippines.

Philippines North Beaches

Philippines north beaches are very popular for its mountainous terrains and unique local culture. You will love the juxtaposition the open oceans against the tall mountains here. Bolinao, San Juan and Pagudpud are some of the evergreen tourist attractions in the north of Philippines.

Philippines Beaches Pictures

Want some amazing Philippines beaches pictures for your Instagram, well the Philippines will not disappoint. Every one of the 7500 beaches here are perfect for spending some memorable time with your loved ones and capture photographic memories for posterity. Some of the best places to shot epic pictures are the Hundred Islands National Park, rice terrains of Banaue&Bantag, Kabayan and Mount Pulag.

Philippines Best Beaches Map

There are so many amazing places through the Philippines that you can get easily lost! Thankfully, the people are friendly but you should always carry Philippines best beaches map, preferably a paper version so that you always have something to refer to even if you are in a remote island.

Bonus Tips: Before going on a trip, if you are planning for motorcycle trip make sure you have checked your riding safety gear. Always wear a branded motorcycle helmets and other riding accessories. I always prefer a full-face motorcycle helmets for my rides because they provide total protection for the head and face.

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