Churros Time in Valencia is the Best Time!

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I’m a die hard fan when it comes to food.

A real foodie in urban times has much to taste and so little time to explore the goodness of every mouth melting cuisine that it seems harsh to me.

But time constraints cannot stop me now! I have found a better way to devour the heavenly goodness via travelling.

The best combo you’ll ever get with food is travelling. It’s not only food items that attract you to the junction point but even just the idea of travelling and food go hand in hand.

Visiting some tremendous places as a tourist is a real eye-opener for you. You get to not only enjoy meals for the day but the sights offer great sites wonder as well.

When going on Spain Holidays you will find it hard to get a tight fist on your keto diet.

Guilty as charged! I know it because I couldn’t stop myself from trying every item off the menu.

Spain has such a vast culture that it will leave your mouth gaping. Moorish Islamic, Roman, and Spanish traditions are tightly knitted together in this European country making it one of the most visited countries of the world.

Valencia, on the other hand, is rich in its cuisine and landscape humbleness.

Being the third largest city (after Madrid and Barcelona) it is populated by a million inhabitants and often crowded because of tourists too. often far pushed this place is definitely an attention seeker.

Indulge in Luxury Hotels

Being one of the main attraction points in Spain, you can be entitled to the best experience of a luxury hotel as your accommodation. Luxury holidays in Spain are always well spent.

You get to dine in fancy restaurants and the hotel amenities are strategically planned for their clientele giving them the best experience. The hotel staff is all professional and humble with hotels guests and you will have a very comfortable ambiance. 

Old Town Roadies

Ever seen Spain’s postcard with cobbled streets and historical figures in the background? It’s more like a live picture coming true before your eyes. Historical notions can be nostalgic for many and in a good way too.

 Valencia’s old towns are primed with old tales and myths and the cobbled walk- me-down-aisle-streets stand there with whispering secrets to the travellers who have the naked eye to see the inner beauty of the area.

Either it is a boutique store or a cathedral or even a winery, it will draw you like a magnet.

Birth Place of National Paella

Ever heard of it before? No? let me enlighten you with the knowledge of the great traditional food. The smart collaboration of sea salt, squid, prawns, mussels, and clams. Originally believed to be assorted with white rice, green beans, meat (chicken or duck or rabbit), lima beans, and with a subtle touch or rosemary or saffron served with shell seafood.

It’s like doing a crime if you get to visit Valencia in your holidays and you don’t even try the traditional dish.

The World of the Wizardly

I’m a huge fan of the Harry Potter series, I mean who isn’t? Every true European has it memorized by heart and what better place to discover Harry Potter Exhibition? No matter how old you are if you are a true fan at heart then it’s a once a lifetime experience. The location consists of the setup of the film set. The common rooms and bedroom of each House (especially I always supported Gryffindor secretly) along with Herbology and Potions classroom and the spooky Forbidden Forest (yikes!), official cast wardrobe and props and such are included in the exhibition.

I’m already drooling to visit the exhibition again. And chop! It extremely crowded exhibition so don’t you dare get lost on this amazing day.

Paranomic View from Top

Each city is entitled to its bird’s eye view from the topmost allocation. Then why Valencia would be left behind alone?

Designed for defensive purpose, The Torres de Serrano (a.k.a SERRANOS TOWERS) were constructed in 1392. The arch domes and cloves are a true example of the gothic architecture these towers represent. It will definitely take you back to the medieval ages.

Churros My Love

The doughy goodness of flour and sweet delicious bitter taste of melted goodness of chocolate is just supreme!

It’s like going to the UK and trying fish and chips. Here in Valencia, it’s a pretty good choice for a breakfast souvenir or at tea time you can taste the richness of crispy yet soft churros.

For love of Beach

Who doesn’t love beaches? And when going to Spain beach is just not another option. It is a must to do list.  Beaches tend to get busy during the summer season so for a perfect beach holiday in Spain can be better spent when going in October or in early March.

La Malvarrosa Beach is pretty much popular among the locals and the tourists for its generic cool Mediterranean waves and the spacious coastline stretching to the horizon.


This open oceanarium is a delight for the day. Aquatic life has its own charm that attracts not only kids but also animal lovers. Being sea-friendly aquatic creatures are true love. You even get to feed the seals! And they are so cute, you will want to take one home.

Home to more than 500 aquatic species, it’s a two-layered story structure. Just imagine walking above and below the corridors and being surrounded by water and such lovely creatures? It’s exotic.

Wonders in Valencia will never end as long as your joy of travelling will never end. Be in good spirits to travel and you will live a new life every turn of the page of your unopened book.

In a big city, you see more

But in others, you hear more

Be in love with Valencia and you will never regret your choice for a perfect holiday destination in Spain!

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