Are you keen on buying some of the best Australian plants online?

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Most of us know only about the names of the continental flowers that are found in many countries. If you are interested more in buying the Australian plants online then you have come to the right place.

Here we will give you some good options to choose from the best Australian plants that you can use to décor the interiors of your rooms as well as your gardens.

The best thing about choosing the native plants is that they are well adjusted to the weather and the climate especially more so important as the weather in Australia can widely vary as you head from the east to west or from the south to the north.

Even if you don’t have a lot of ideas on gardening and don’t have much time to look after your plants you can easily expect them to survive with the basic care that only includes watering and giving them adequate sunlight.


You might not know or even be amazed to know that there are at least a thousand varieties of Eucalyptus plants out there. Some of them are flowering and adjustable to the weather and climate.

One of the common ones is the Corymbias as they are distinctly bright red colored flowering plants. On the eastern side of Australia, you are going to see the Angophoras.

There is no doubt that one is going to be quite attracted to the bright flowers that grow on the Eucalyptus plants and the colors too can vary and this means you have options to choose when you are about to buy plants online.


You must have noticed the Acacia plants on a cold and wintery morning. Acacia is one of the commons species of plants with many different varieties but if you are interested in Australian plants online buying only don’t worry as the range of options that you get is quite simply overwhelming.

You can pretty much guess that being an indigenous species with many different varieties the colors of the national team sporting jerseys to are influenced by the brightly colored yellow flowers on these plants.

And there is a range of options for the gardeners too.

This includes the Flat Wattle ones that are a small shrub type plant with reddish foliage, the golden carpet that has a glorious golden groundcover, the Leafless Rock Wattle that is a very structural looking tree with a small trunk having no leaves, and the sandpaper wattle which has the sandpaper type rough leaves bearing rod-shaped flowers.

Kangaroo grass

You must be thinking that the range of Australian plants online only includes trees and small shrubs. But to make a really attractive garden you can forget the grass right?

The Kangaroo grass is perfect for Australian gardens. Among the most common varieties that you are going to get here include Weeping grass which is just about perfect for all types of lawns and large gardens, common tussock grass which is the best plantation for supporting wildlife.

The Kangaroo grass is distinctly looking even to the rare naked eye. When you give it the perfect conditions you can expect them to be quite tall. And don’t forget that this is one of the best ones to buy plants online.

When planted in masses they are going to look just wonderful and you know what?

You can use them to decorate the interiors of your room and sides of your garden too forming pathways. The red spikes on top of the grass give it a unique decorative look that is very soothing to the eyes for beautifying your garden and giving that natural look to it.


You cannot ignore the Daisy plants when you are looking at the options too but plants online especially the Australian varieties.

Just think how wonderful and serene your garden is going to look like when you plant these wide varieties of Daisy plants bearing several bright colored flowers in your garden. And the best part of them is that they are evergreen. They generally blossom in the spring and autumn and if not the garden you can pluck them and decorate the interiors of your room by keeping them in a small water-containing jar or a jug.