Detail Guide For Creating Inspiring Music Logos

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Ways or techniques of branding and marketing are changing drastically. As major audiences are moving online, companies are focusing more on building their social media marketing strategies to earn more.

Talking about the music industry, it has changed so much over past years. Those times are far gone when word about albums was spread on MTV and you listened on MTV videos. Slowly the trend moved to youtube. Nowadays, most of the artists spread news to their audience through social media websites. Why not?, this is the most easiest, effective and convenient way.

Representing your company on social media websites requires a logo at first. You cannot build a brand without having a custom logo.

Check out our detailed guide for creating inspiring music logos.

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Main Goal in Music Industry

With everything moving online, the need for a logo design for a music industry is quite crucial. It will reflect your brand among the large audience present online.

Music logos can be flaunted on youtube thumbnails, social media profiles etc. Viewing a brand’s identity online is amazing to attract an audience towards  your music company. An eye-catching and well designed logo used on social media websites can provide huge benefits and audience.

Every element of the logo should be well thought. Whether it is colour, graphics, vibe of logo or typeface, all should be able to convey the brand’s message.

Necessary Elements of a Music Logo

  • Music logo is much better than using a whole picture to represent your brand.
  • Keeping the music industry in mind, you need to keep the wording of logo design minimal.
  • Make it diverse or universal to attract audiences and talent from all around the globe and not just your area.
  • Keep it as simple as possible. Too complex designs are not liked and are difficult to understand.
  • Make your music logo memorable and easily recognizable.
  • Add emotions of your work in it to woo your customers.
  • Timeless logo design cuts additional costs of changing design as time passes by. Moreover,  it fosters brand loyalty.
  • Designs such a manner that your brand’s message is readily conveyed and people’s attention is easily grabbed.
  • Afterall, a sole visual identity representing your company should be perfect and well designed.
  • Focus on both print and digital media marketing.
  • Famous music logos should be looked at and studied to get inspiration.

Using Designs in Music Industry

Music logos can help you in unknown ways and bring profits to your company. First of all, it represents the emotions and message of your brand and shares it with your audience.

It can change your viewers into your customers.

Your business can be introduced in front of customers as well as clients through logos.

You can connect with different organisations through social media.

In addition to this, new artists, talented people, musicians etc also get to know about your platform and can join.

Best Logos Of Music Industry For Inspiration

Gather inspiration from the best logos of the music industry.

  • Rolling Stone

This english rock band has hot lips as its logo design. This is the most iconic logo design of rock band history. It portrays a large mouth and tongue in red colour. Actually, it is known to be a version of Mick Jagger’s own mouth, a la pop art.

It has boldness in choice of colour and visuals. This shows resemblance with their anti authoritarian values.

  • The Doors

This brand’s logo has a bold, geometric typeface. Logo has a major portion of doors and ‘the’ is written tiny. It has a psychedelic typeface and is slanting backwards. Mirroring o’s are used in this logo. It has a highly attractive monochromatic logo.

  • Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Anthony Kiedes created the logo of the brand which is basically an asterisk surrounded by the name of the band. Asterisk is a star of affinity which represents cardinal direction, choices and chaos in life.

Band took authority of designing logos themselves and created a world famous logo. Simplicity of the logo is commendable. Color palette choice of band represents passion and dominance.

  • Metallica

James Hetfield designed the Metallica logo. He is the top vocalist of the band. Font used is Pastor of Muppets. They used samed typeface asuseed in brand’s calling cards in the 80’s. This set a connection and made the brand more recognizable. The logo design of the band is highly visual identity.

  • Linkin Park

This music logo has been redesigned a lot in its life. Its initial logo was a round one with initials L and P in it. Most recent change was made in 2017. Death of a member of the band led to logo design change. Now, it is a hexagon with 1 side missing representing loss of a member.

This one is an expert in connecting emotions with logos. Ultimately, attracting people with this ability.


Now go create one for yours by using all the amazing and inspirational  knowledge above.

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