Creative Custom Favor Boxes

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The word favor comes when you like to please someone or show your love for him . It is an affection which cannot be touched, smell or sense physically but can be felt and endorse in the heart of someone. The favor or love can also be backed by the gift, acknowledging thanks for their attendance or being a memento of an occasion. The emotions, love, affection and sentiments can be converted into the real or shape in physical form. It can be made possible by offering or giving someone the gift or appreciation in favor boxes. The boxes should be done or designed as per the requirement of the party or event.

Virginia Postrel has also pointed out the thing that how advertisement favors you in a special way, which touches your emotions or entices you physically and eternally. So, the technology and new era generation gives us the idea of favor boxes in shape of printed favor packaging or the customize favor boxes.

Why the Need of Favor Boxes Arises????

It becomes the need of the hour or traditional binding for everywhere around the globe, whether it is in the western culture or any conservative nation. People use to give gifts and valuables to their friend or loved ones for their wedding receptions, birthday parties or bridal showers. Printed Favor Boxes and the customize favor boxes are most famous one in this category because everyone designs the size and color of the favor as per taste of their loved one by keeping in view the occasion and personal liking for him/her.

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With the passage of time, our events and relations become more materialistic that can be categorized with gifts, packaging, and size of the box and also depicts our love towards someone; and the respect we use to give anyone. Besides that, the host of event or wedding also has to arrange Wholesale Favor Boxes or in bulk Customized favor boxes to alluring their guests for attending their events and give their precious time to them. The practice of arranging wholesale Favor Boxes is common and spread over the world to many formal occasions like engagement parties, baby bump shower, birthdays, anniversaries and holiday gatherings by keeping in mind the budget of the host or hostess.

Adorable Favor Boxes on Different Occasions

Favor boxes are always blood line of any kind or occasion whether it is formal or informal party and event.

Birthday Parties

Birthday is a small social gathering among the friends and close ones, in these parties guest may receive simple, inexpensive and Custom favor boxes filled with some candles, candies, toys or other small gifts. In many cases or parties, the Wholesale printed favor boxes changed their shape in gift bags with small gifts in it. Bags can also be designed so enticing and alluring to show their respect and love to guests.

Wedding Receptions

A wedding is an occasion which is remembered for ages and become a symbol of your lifetime. On weddings, small favor boxes have also been given to the attendants or guest as a sign of gratitude or appreciation for the newly wed couple. From the old times, it is common to distribute the things to their guests in shape of gifts or recognition; which later converted to ‘favor boxes.’ In European culture, to spread some sweet things on the wedding event is a sign of future happiness. So, people arrange individual precious boxes which designed in shape of cubes filled inside with new cushions or delicate confectionaries that depict the royalty and wealthiest. However, in Asia countries or according to Muslims culture the special arrangement is made to gratitude the appearance of the guest on this valuable occasion.

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The favor boxes use to be shiny, ribbons on the box, glittered, or of different size and shapes. A few of them select favor bags rather than boxes which are elegantly selected and designed. The stiff fabric, embossed writing style, mouth closure ribbons and eye-catching colors are the essential part of them. These wedding favor boxes or bags are commonly filled with almonds, rare dry fruits, candies and sweets which show their happiness, health, fertility and wealth. The most shared and essential part of Asian or Middle East weddings is almonds/dates coated with sugar/cream. The bitterness of the almond and the freshness of the coated candy are a comparison for the sour sweetness of a marriage.

Other Small Parties or Events

Other than birthdays and wedding, we people use to find out the ways to arrange a party or to gratitude our loved ones with some favor box. People use to offer and appreciate with favor boxes to guest on occasion like holidays gathering, baby shower day, friendship meeting or some religious gatherings. People select a different and modernized product to be in a favor box and to soothe their guest. In this modern era, the gift become unique and stylish too such as CDs with the latest music, candles with flames, photos of the couple or friends, chocolates with innovative shapes or classic chocolates in shiny glittered wrappings.

Characteristic of Favor Boxes Packaging

In today’s world, people are very keen and enthusiastic about being different from one another in every field of life. When it comes to any function, event or occasion it keenness become more activated, and people spend billions to make their opening the best from rest. In today’s market where there is a lot of competition, it is important that product packaging should be attractive and perfect to survive in the contest and to increase in revenue. Toy packaging can be done according to the priorities and requirement of the customer who is termed as customization. Custom Favor boxes are made according to instructions and requirements of the customer, and also customer satisfaction.

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The favor boxes are made in a way to attract the guest, look special and different, according to the gift inside it, keeping the safety of the gift, and show the wealth and elegance of the host.

  • Favor boxes should be according to the taste of host and requirement of the host.
  • Must be so attractive, that the guest or friends keep it with them for ages and remember the packaging.
  • Wedding Favor boxes should own a ribbon around the box or on top of the box.
  • The names of the couple or host should be mentioned in an attractive design.
  • Box color, adjustment of width and length, printing of images, font size are all done according to the necessity conditions.
  • Favor box packaging should be done without any breakage of material.
  • Typography color and font should be selected carefully.

The favor is the personal choice of the host, who is hosting or arranging the party and buy favor boxes. The major factors came into play during the favor box decision are; budget, the quantity of guests, life of the product inside it, and the time available for making or shopping of boxes / favor.