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Machining can be very costly and is invariably very precise work involving CNC, or computer numerical control, equipment, specialized tooling, and sometimes very expensive media. When your job is defined by efficiency and precision, scrapping parts and doing the same job several times are not just aggravating, they are inexcusable. Advances in machining have introduced new tooling materials and new components onto the scene, which can in many cases save time and money and result in higher quality finished pieces and fewer scrapped parts. Two of these advancements have been carbide tooling and the practice of thread milling as opposing to tapping.

Thread Milling vs. Tapping

Traditionally, threads have been cut into media material with a tap and die set which uses force to cut threads onto a bolt or into a medium. The process is effective to a degree but has some very noteworthy drawbacks when compared with the practice of thread milling. The first difference to account for is that thread mills made of carbide, a compound of a metal such as tungsten or cobalt and stabilized with carbon, are much harder than conventional mills and also will maintain their edges for significantly longer. This being the case, carbide mills can cut into much harder material and will leave a nicer finish than their counterparts. Thread milling using a carbide mill offers a host of advantages over tapping. As threads are cut with a tap, the chips that form can damage the threads being cut and will not leave as precise a finish as carbide thread milling. Moreover, tapping is limited in the size and diameter of the threads that can be cut.

Thread milling can also create threading through much smaller holes than tapping can produce and because thread milling is done with the help of CNC machines, it requires less force than tapping. Especially for pipe threading, this precision is paramount. At Online Carbide, you will find Thread Mill Pipe Thread for NPT and NPTF that you will need to ensure a quality job that is up to National Pipe Thread Standards. With pipe threading, there are particularly stringent standards that must be met to qualify as NPT or NPTF, namely that the threading is “tight” enough to transport liquids or gases and fuels without leaking. These standards require quality milling equipment executed properly to prevent scrapped product. When your pipe threading job requires the precision of thread milling capabilities, it might be time to invest in thread mills and the software to operate them.

Online Carbide – Quality Carbide Tooling at Manufacturer Direct Prices

Online Carbide produces top quality carbide mills and equipment that you need for your machining and milling projects, including thread mill pipe thread for both NPT and NPTF, all of the highest quality cobalt carbide tooling at prices you won’t believe. Online Carbide has a unique position in that it is both a manufacturer and a seller but does not engage in any of the protective pricing strategies of competitors. While some manufacturers will sell their products direct, they will hike their margins in order to protect the interests of their resellers. That’s right, with Online Carbide the parts you buy are made in-house and sold at honest manufacturer direct prices. It’s the best of both worlds, and what’s more is that Online Carbide’s inventory is manufactured in the USA. You will find the best quality cobalt carbide mills and tooling from Online Carbide, all made in America and offered at rock bottom prices. When your pipe machining requires the precision to meet national pipe thread standards, head to!

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