Less Is More: How to Use Window Packaging to Protect Your Product

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Packaging your product is the necessary measure to focus on to avoid the damage and waste of the product until it delivers to the customers’ place. The main focus which matters a lot is the packing material and the way the packing should be done with the efficiency and cost savings ways. Packaging design, style, and color say about the product description and it communicates the product image so the customer can make up the mind to purchase. When it comes to the wholesale boxes then the window boxes are the best options among all which helps to protect the product from damage and transport the product safely to the customers.

Things to consider delivering the product safely

Proper packaging means a good and right product delivery which improves the customers’ satisfaction and loyalty with the brand. Window boxes or custom window packaging design helps to protect the valuable product from damage and helpful in delivery handling or shipping which ultimately save your profits. Consider the following things to deliver the product with the best safety:

  • Use the best window boxes for the product delivery or consider the design of the custom boxes having window as per the nature of the product.
  • Proper size and necessary packing cushions will reduce the uncertainty of product damage and it should be important that the window boxes size must be as per the product which has to be pack in it.
  • Packaging supplies like the tape, packaging cushions, and labels are of high quality which will protect the product from the water intact, weight pressure during the shipment.
  • Proper and durable packing material and supplies will helpful in the right delivery of the product and increase the customers’ satisfaction and loyalty with the brand. Deliver the window boxes with the labels will impact the customers positively about the brand.

Common product damage possibilities

When it comes to the product delivery and shipment, unexpected and uncertain things can happen. Wholesale window packaging is one of the tools which can be utilized by the suppliers or brand to avoid the uncertain happenings. Some common possibilities can happen to a product like:

  • Product  box can drop during shipment, so a custom window box can protect the product inside
  • While transporting it can face the roads shocks, can be affected with the dust or have wear and tear issues
  • Temperature can harm the product like, the hot or humidity in the air
  • Your window box has to face the pressure due to weight and loading and unloading situations

Product protection packaging measure

To avoid all the uncertain happenings to the product and prevent the product from the damage considering the good and quality customized packing. It should have the following characteristics:

  • Consider the product sensitivity: a sensitive or product which needs handle with care must have packaging with the proper cushioning or the window box with the compartments in it. Most suppliers deliver many products in just one pack which can cause the product damage.
  • Test the edge safety of window boxes: your packaging box should be tested as per the edge crush test which can help to evaluate the exact amount of weight to put in a box so it should not be damaged. For the small product single wall window boxes are good but for the large and heavy product, a supplier should use the double and triple layer window boxes.
  • Delivery liquid products: for the shipment of the liquid products like perfumes, body sprays or other items like this must be delivered by wrapping first in the poly bags separately and then pack in the custom window box.

Material for the packaging or safety measure

A high-quality box package is the way to reduce the damaging of the product and protect the product from the factors that can affect the products delivery. Here are some common materials which can be used for the packaging or as the safety cushions:

  • Poly bags
  • Jeff bags
  • Corrugated boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Brown paper
  • Corrugated roll
  • Air cushions

Choose the best shipping packaging

There is the only one way to consider the best boxes for shipping for the delivery of the products that first assess the nature of the product which needs the packing, then evaluate the all the packing options which are available and after that choose the right and best-fitted option for the right product type.       

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