5 Consoles that Have Different Names in Different Countries

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If you have friends from Japan, Korea, France or Germany, try to talk to them about Pokémon. I can guarantee you that they will be confused. In fact, many Pokémon have different names in the four languages ​​above than in English, as we know it in India. In a time of globalization like this, there were some cases like this, but at a time when the Internet didn’t exist, many products in different regions have different names

5 consoles with different names in different countries

In the 70s to 90s it turned out that many consoles have different names depending on their geographic position.

5 consoles that have different names in different countries! Apparently the console can also experience an identity crisis

1.    Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and Family Computer

Children of the 80s must have been familiar with checkered NES console cases with controller designs, which always made jaw dropping, because of its friendliness.

In India, this product is often referred to by the name of the manufacturer of this console, Nintendo, and not by the name of the product, such as Tamiya Toys

But in Japan itself, NES is known as a family computer (Famicom). Nintendo used the NES name in America because the console market had a very bad reputation at that time.

After the failure of the Atari 2600 due to a game E.T. Very badly, Nintendo decided to market its consoles in America under a new name and look.

2.    Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) and Super Famicom

After the success of the NES, which revived the global console market, Nintendo returned with its successor, the innovative Super NES (SNES).

Since NES already had a different name and different appearance for the American market, Nintendo finally decided on the same strategy as SNES.

Although this console is called Super Famicom in Japan, it is known as Super NES in America and other regions.Fortunately, Nintendo chose SNES ‘successor, Nintendo 64, to use the same name and appearance around the world so it would no longer be confusing.

3.    Sega Master System and Sega Mark III

When Sega recognized Nintendo’s success with its NES console, it quickly followed on the Japanese market with the SG-1000 console.

Sega continued to revise its products, first with SG-1000 II and finally with Sega Mark III products.

For Sega Mark III, Sega decided to launch the product outside of Japan, but since it would be her debut outside of Japan, Sega decided to change the name of Mark III.

Finally, sega chose the name Sega Master System for the American and European market, which is also the starting point for the competition between Sega and Nintendo in the world of video games.

4.    Sega Mega Drive and Sega Genesis

Even if the Sega Master System is largely in competition with NES due to the smaller number of quality games, Sega does not want to give up.

Finally, they released a successor to the Sega master system, the Sega Mega Drive, which was being prepared for worldwide market launch.

The name Mega Drive itself would unfortunately have been used by other companies, so Sega has decided to change the name of this console to Sega Genesis America.With the help of popular games such as Sonic the Hedgehog and Disney’s Aladdin adaptation games, this console has managed to capture success and compete with SNES sales outside of Japan.

5.    Magnavox Odyssey 2 and Phillips Videopac G7000

You may not know this name, but the PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch Games you are playing cannot exist without the Magnavox Odyssey.In 1972, the American company Magnavox published the first console in history called Magnavox Odyssey and, after its success, immediately prepared its successor.

Eventually, Magnavox launched Magnavox Odyssey 2 on the US market, but when Magnavox was bought by a Dutch company, Phillips, it was decided to change the name of this product in Europe.

There this product was given the name Phillips Videopac G7000, which was often abbreviated only as Videopac.

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