How To Remove Window Tint Bubbles

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The ideal way to protect yourself and your family from the harmful sun damage is to have your car windows tinted. Besides this, window tints will make your car look cooler too. Not getting your car windows tinted in your plans? You might encounter some problems like having bubbles starting to develop on your window tints.

Much can trigger bubbles from window tints and it will be no problem to get rid of them if you just take note of those reminders. There are several ways to remove bubbles on car window tints, and you’ll certainly save time and money after that.

If you ask what causes bubbles to stain the bottle, it is because of the water that has been caught between the window and the dye. But, after a few hours of installation, bubbles in window tints are common.

But, if after two weeks your window tints still have bubbles this is a sign of cheap, poor quality installation. If your window tints lose their adhesive properties, then bubbling may also occur.

Now, if you’re talking of ways to avoid these irritating bubbles, if your window tints are old, it’s recommended to get your car window tints reinstalled. But if it is new and you still want to remove its bubbles, there are some pointers that can assist and guide you like applying heat, using soap and water, pinning bubbles, and the use of a squeegee.

If you still have second thoughts or doubts in removing or getting rid of your window tint films’ bubbles, you can always contact a reliable company to help you like Global Tint USA. And if you want to know more about how to get rid of the annoying bubbles on your car, check out this infographic by Global Tint USA.