Organizational Agility – Is it a New-Age Success Mantra?

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The trending infographic by The Strategy Institute on finding an organizational agility in 2019 along with other findings revealed the importance of organizational agility. It emphasized on the importance of keeping a track on your organization’s agility if a company wanted to succeed and grow.

The infographic also featured the survey conducted by Deloitte that sought executives’ opinion the factors they felt were important for their organizational success. And about 90% of them expressed that agility and collaboration played crucial part in the success of an organization. While the infographic discussed the importance of agility in today’s competitive world, it also addressed one of the fairly important and relevant question of how can one measure the agility of their organization.

Another unsaid question that can be predicted from the infographic is – are there any particular set standards by which an organization can measure how agile it is and if yes, then what are those. Few questions that business strategy professionals keep asking. So according to the infographic, there are five elemental standards by which organizations can measure how agile they are and whether they need to do something to improve their organizational agility in order to succeed.

Strategy, Process, Technology, Structure and People are the five yardsticks that you can measure the agility of your organization. You need to understand that each of these five benchmarks mentioned in the infographic are equally important and an organization need to focus on all the fives for success.

It also highlighted the fact that success is essentially 20% skills and 80% strategy. So if you wish to make your organization agile then you need to concentrate more on strategy and then skills. Interestingly, the infographic also pointed out that it is not enough that you wish to succeed you need to have a proper plan to succeed.