Managing Cyber security For Businesses

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The internet brings with it the convenience of doing most things from the comfort of your home. You can do your shopping, movie and flight ticket bookings and even order food while sitting in the comfort of your home. All thanks to internet connectivity.

However, not many realize that this connectivity and convenience also leads to an increased cybersecurity risk. It is what makes it so easy for hackers to reach a company’s website directly or through third parties.

Though the company may have an IT team for managing cybersecurity, quick technological advancements keep them inadequately prepared for cybersecurity management and identification most of the time.

There are two main reasons for this.

  1. Management’s lack of involvement

The main reason is that it is always implied that information technology security is more technical than a management problem. With the management not getting involved in the implementation of the appropriate prevention measures, it can at times be difficult to make others in the company adapt to these measures.

This is because everyone in the company is used to following orders imparted by the management, and not by others. So though they may not know it, the management’s involvement will go a long way in helping with cybersecurity management.

  1. Underinvestment

Another reason is the underinvestment in cybersecurity. Most companies assume they will be able to keep their system and databases secure with their existing technology. They feel that it’s more important and wiser on their part to invest in other projects that assure a greater ROI for the company.

So in the process, they fail to spend money for the latest software and technologies required to keep updated and on pace with the increased risks while managing cybersecurity.

Proper education can solve the problem

Looking at all this, it proves that the most important thing for successful managing of cybersecurity is educating both the employees and management about the increased cybersecurity risks.

Management should be reminded of their role and importance in working on a suitable cybersecurity management plan with the employees. They should be reminded to be ready to spend more money to keep updated with the latest software and platforms required for the security of their system.

They should also be reminded of how influential they are in making the company employees follow and adhere to all the cybersecurity procedures.

When it comes to employees, they should be given specific security training, depending on the role or position they have in the company, and the amount of information or data they have access to. They should also be trained in assessing and identifying possible threats to the company and take the appropriate action.

Managing cybersecurity is easier and better through the collective effort of involvement of the management, sufficient investment and proper training of employees.