4 Important Considerations about Indian Wedding Cards

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Looking for a complete guide that will tell you how to plan for your Indian wedding cards? Well, before that there are so many important things to consider about your Indian wedding cards that will help you in planning for your wedding invites. For many, a wedding is nothing less than “more than a life kind of event”. If you too are someone who considers a wedding as special as this, then every little detail is substantial. So let’s begin with these important considerations about Indian wedding cards:

1. The guest list

Coming up with the ideal guest list is the most difficult of entire wedding planning. It lays the foundation for other important decisions. And let’s be honest, we are very particular of some family members we don’t want to be the part of our wedding. But then again, etiquettes win and we have to invite them for our “D-day”. If you have already chosen a venue with limited capacity or are planning a wedding on a budget, you can avoid these family members. You can even avoid the members who are unable to attend it and you know it as well. It’s your day, so be very tactful in finding ways to invite people, you really want to make a part with on your Wedding day. This makes the Guest list one of the many considerations to think about while ordering your Indian wedding invitations.

2. Timings

Wedding planning usually takes a year to hunt down the ideal vendors. Couples tend to take their time to avail the services of the best vendors. Finding the best designers for Indian wedding cards is another task that takes too much time. Then you have to get all these invitations printed three months in prior to wedding date. As you have to send the invites to the guests to foreign countries as well, you need to send them at earliest so that the guest can make the necessary arrangements.

3. Different aesthetics of Indian Wedding Invitation

Different aesthetics like, font, materials and printing modes are essential to consider your Indian wedding cards. Fonts are quite significant as the whole content and message are delivered with the aid of fonts. So make sure it’s legible and stylish at the same time. The second important thing is material or the paper used for Indian Wedding Cards. Matte or gloss paper, paper or veneers, you have to make your choice. Just don’t choose bulky papers as they tend to add the costs of postage. Next thing to consider about Indian wedding invitation is printing mode. Which ink you are using or which mode is used for printing the invites should be chosen very carefully.

4. Envelopes and postage

The other two important considerations about Indian wedding cards are envelopes and postage. Make sure your envelope is as appealing as your wedding invite. Also be very careful how you want to “write address” on it for postage. You can use calligraphy as well as address stamps. Also, be very careful about the stamps so that your wedding cards are delivered

These are some of the substantial things to consider about the Indian wedding cards and mark up an