5 Great dynasties ruled in India

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Great dynasties ruled in India

India is a country of some great historical incidents. These incidents belong to Invasions, ruling, the dominance of war, love, and many more different fields.

As we have seen today these historical incidents are proudly showing the glory and the dignity of the great Indian history.

One of its historical parts is the dynasties ruled at different times in different regions in India.

In this post we will only cover the medieval Indian history.

Therefore, today here we will recognize with 5 great dynastical ruling powers ruled at different times in medieval India.

The 5 great dynasties of India [central and regional]

1. Mamluk dynasty: – 

Mamluk dynasty is considered the very first ruling power came in Delhi Sultanate.

They were also known as the ‘Slave dynasty’. Because their ancestors were slaves, even their first king or founder ‘Qutub-Ud-Din-Aibak’ too.

At first, he was the slave of Muhammad Ghori but later with his amazing skill and will power, he made himself to a great man and later the king of Delhi Sultanate.

Mamluk dynasty ruled in Delhi for 84 years, from 1206 to 1290.

Did you know the first woman ever ruled in Delhi sultanate belonged to this source, she was ‘Rezia Sultana’?

2. Ahom Dynasty: –

 Ahom was also another regional power of north-east India, who ruled around 600 long years in present-day Assam.

In 1228 Ahom dynasty was founded by Chaolung Sukaphaa, a Tai prince of south China’s Mong Mao provision.

He came here with his 9000 companions via Patkai hills and entered the valley of Brahmaputra.

In 1253 Sukaphaa established Ahom kingdom in Charaideo and started slowly to expand their colony around the whole Brahmaputra valley.

According to Assam history, Ahom was so clever who even beat down the most powerful Mughal at that time [The Battle of Saraighat in 1671]

3. Mughal Dynasty: –

 The most powerful rulers with their dominance in all over India were the Mughal’s.

Established ruling after a historic battle of Panipath against the Lodi’s in 1526, Babar founded the Mughal dynasty in India.

They ruled here around one hundred and eighty long years.

Though their ruling duration was not as long as Ahom’s, but their dominance in all over India was incomparable.

Mahamati Akbar is considered the most powerful king of Mughal dynasty. He took this empire to the very top level.

If you are a history student then you may hear about Panipath battle 2. Did you who fought this great battle?

Yes, he was Akbar and he fought this battle when he was a teenager.

This is really shocking but he able to defeat his enemy.

4. Koch dynasty: – 

Koch was a regional power of medieval Assam, who started ruling after 1515 CE.

Their first king was Viswa Singha; he founded Koch ruling in Kamatapur after the fall of ‘Khen dynasty’ in 1498.

Have you ever heard about Nara Narayana and Bir Chilarai?

I want to tell you that Nara Narayana and Bir Chilarai belonged to this dynastical power.

These both persons were brothers.

Here Nara Narayana was the king of Kamatapur kingdom and Bir Chilarai was the general of it.

Their stories are still very famous in Assam history.

However, later due to the deep rivalry against Ahom’s Kamatapur kingdom was completely destroyed.

5. Khilji dynasty: – 

Khilji dynasty was founded in 1290 by Jalal ud din firuz Khilji.

They came in Delhi Sultanate by ending the rule of ‘Slaves’.

However, it did not last too long and ended in 1320 but due to their systematic administrative system, they created a very high profile ruling among people.

Alaudin Khilji is considered the most powerful ruler of Khilji’s, who also last long from 1296 to 1316.

Did you know, during the ruling period of Khilji’s, Mongol invaded India but they were able to retain their kingdom from Mongols.


Hope you recognized with these 5 ruling powers of India.

If you want to know more then I recommend you to read Indian history, it will increase your knowledge even more on this subject.

Thank you so much.

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