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5 tips for the aspirants of JEE Main 2020 to prepare better and manage the Lockdown 3.0 stress

The nation is under lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic till 17th May. The uncertainty continues over the situation and its further consequences. The second session of JEE Main 2020, which was scheduled from 5th April to 11th April, will be conducted on July 18, 20, 21, 22 and 23. This leaves the aspirants with an extended preparation time which can be put to effective use. Although the situation is not good due to the pandemic, the students must stay positive and should focus on revision and practice. Aspirants should utilise the time to get over their weak areas and focus on them.

If we look at the earlier schedule, most of the aspirants must have already gone through the complete syllabus and must be revising the concepts. While the whole nation is under lockdown 3.0 and the negativity surrounds everyone, there is an urgent need that the JEE Main 2020 aspirants should deal with this positively. The best thing that can be done is to utilise the extra time effectively and increase productivity. It is important now to make a proper strategy and put this time to best use. Here are a few tips to avoid distractions and focus on the main objective:

  • Restrict unnecessary media and social media coverage.
  • Stay away from fake news.
  • Focus on things you can control and avoid other distractions.
  • Meditate.
  • Stay connected with your dear ones via technology.

Here are 5 tips for the JEE Main 2020 aspirants to manage the coronavirus lockdown stress.

1. Make a proper schedule

Since the situation is dynamic considering Covid-19, this phase can be effectively used for a quick run through all the formulae, notes and concepts. A quick glance should be given of all the chapters of the three subjects in a planned manner. Equal time can be invested in each subject so that you are not stressed out and are focused on the target. The idea is to get a hold on the concepts again along with their applications by solving a lot of sample tests and previous year papers. You should be focusing on learning rather than mugging the concepts.

2. Three Tier Revision time

During lockdown time, revision is the most important part of JEE Main 2020 preparation. It is important to have a proper and well-structured revision strategy. The Three Tier Revision strategy says that the student should first revise the topic on the same day, then the same topic should be revised after 3 days and then at the end of the week. By implementing this strategy, students will be able to memorise the topic for a longer period and get a stronghold on the topic. It is known that if you revise a topic on the same day, it becomes easy to understand and grasp things. While if you revise the topic after a few days, it is difficult to understand, and it takes more time.

It is also important to study and conceptually apply the formulae used in JEE Main questions at the time of revision. This will help you in exam time where you will be able to recall and solve quickly. This will be applicable to the questions of Physics and Mathematics, where most of the questions are formula and application-based.

3. Refer to Online Classes

Several online classes are still available for study. These platforms provide a virtual classroom ambience and contain expert opinions, online courses, complete notes and mock tests for JEE Main preparation. FIITJEE has one such portal named myPAT. It allows the applicants of JEE Main 2020 to lean safely by staying at their homes and practising social distancing. If put to best use, it will ensure a great learning outcome, will save time and also increase the effective use of the time available. These classes are also self-paced so that students are not burned out by taking stress. You can relax and enjoy the preparation time.

4. Take Breaks & Stay Motivated

While you are constantly preparing for JEE Main 2020 and are focused, do not sit for long hours at a stretch. It is vital to take frequent breaks after revision at your capacity. These breaks will help you to assimilate, retrieve information and revive the energy for next revision sessions to follow. Though there may be a lot of distractions, don’t lose concentration and stay determined.

Though the nation is under lockdown and going out should be avoided, the aspirants can engage themselves in some physical activity at home. This will keep you fit and motivated. Also, this will boost your mental health since ‘A healthy mind stays in a healthy body’. Please note a few ways to stay away from distraction and unwanted stress:

5. Focus on Weak spots and Take mock tests

Mock tests are crucial for JEE Main preparation. These tests will help you understand your strong and weak areas. You can then work on your weak areas. This time can be used to consolidate one’s preparation, focus on problem-solving and converting weak areas into strong ones. By constantly solving sample papers, you will also increase your speed and accuracy. Also, students can make a strategy to solve each type of problems with a deep perception of involved concept and to improve the time needed to solve problems. This will reduce the silly errors that generally, candidates make during exams.


During such difficult times, it is important for the aspirants of JEE Main 2020 to put the best foot forward and make the optimum use of additional time. Time management and the right strategy will determine the rank of the aspirant.

At last, don’t forget to be motivated and focused. Stressing out will only hamper your progress so far in JEE Main preparation. Put in your best performance, and you will ace the exam.

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