7 Tips on How to Check for Cervical Mucus

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Should you’re intrigued and want to check your cervical mucus, it is really a easy process. Anytime you intend to insert whatever in to the vagina, you’ll want to make certain everything will be clean. This brings us to our first suggestion:

1. Clean Your Hands Well

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You may check your cervical mucus in many different ways. 1way is always to check on your underwear in any discharge that’s occurred.However, this isn’t really the best way because the discharge could have driedout at that time you are able to check it.

Another way to check would be using toilet paper to open your vagina and looking at any given mucus onto the toilet paper. In the event you choose to make use of toilet paper, you should get it done before you urine though.

The utmost effective way to check your cervical mucus isprobably to just use your fingers.

You’ll be inserting your pointer and middle finger in your vagina. This really is required to observe the mucus upward close, as well as your hands are chockfull of evil bacteria. You’ve touched your own dog, door knobs (filled up with bacteria) and numerous other things which have abandoned bacteria in your hands.

Clean your hands well before proceeding.

Hint: Check your mucus after taking a shower to ensure your whole human body is clean. This may lower the risks of an infection or bacteria entering the cervix.

2. Insert Your Finger(s ) ) and Check out the Mucus

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You’ll need to insert your fingers into the vagina toexamine the mucus. In the event that you remove your finger(s) and don’t noticeany mucus, you’ll need to insert deeper.

This is just a difficult process tojudge, therefore that it might take a couple of tries before knowing how deepinsert your fingers.

But don’t worry — you won’t be doing yourself any harm.

  • Just take it slow. You may also want to:
  • · Trim your nails (ouch)
  • · Remove rings or hand jewelry
  • You don’t want to utilize a lubricant because this can alterthe appearance of feel of this cervical mucus.

3. Adjust Your Positioning For Your Preference

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You need to get a comfortable position to insert your fingers in your vagina. In the event you don’t obtain a comfortable position, you’ll cause pain and discomfort, or you’ll stop trying to check your cervical mucus altogether.

A Couple of positions that seem to function best for most women, and also feel free to test whatever you prefer, include:

  • Squatting– When at a squat, then it’s easier to insert your fingers deeper in the vagina. You’ll want to achieve this on your bedroom or bathroom, however certainly try this at a private place.
  • Leg Up — In case you’re at the bathroom or close intosome seat, lift a leg up and place it to the toilet or alternative surfaces.This position provides you ample room to insert your fingers and allows fordeeper penetration.

These would be the two pre requisite positions, and also you might also attempt positions while laying down to get what works best for youpersonally.

Again, any position which allows for deep insertion and easy entrance is great.

4. Spread Your Fingers Later

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If you want to see exactly what your cervical mucus following ovulations resembles, you’ll need to first

See exactly what mucus resembles during ovulation. A prime characteristic of mucus during ovulation is it’s stretchy.

Inserting your pointer and middle finger in your vagina allows you to judge this stickiness accordingly.

When you remove your fingers:

  • · Spread them apart
  • · Note the length the mucus spreads
  • · Note the stickiness of the mucus

In the event the cervical mucus develops a inch or longer, this really is really a sign of ovulation. This really is actually the time when you’ll want to ramp up your sex life in case you’re trying to become pregnant.

But in the event that you remove your finger and it’s really dry and sticky, you’ll be looking at mucus after ovulation.

The sole benefit of being able to examine and properly note your mucus in this time would be

  • · You’ll understand when your period is close

When you’ve been trying to become pregnant, you need to take advantage of this mucus to determine whether pregnancy occurred. This should really be done with something such as charting your basal temperature, and of course, you’ll want to take a pregnancy test to confirm your findings.

5. Check Following a Bowel Movement

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Sometimes, it could be difficult to uncover cervical mucus. Since bowel movement is able to move vaginal discharge down the vagina, you might look at trying once you have a bowel movement. You’ll still want to make certain you dry down after peeing.

6. Medications Might Affect Cervical Mucus

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Some medications you take may affect your menstrual period, affecting the appearance of your cervical mucus for a result. In the event that you should be tracking your ovulation by checking your cervical mucus, make sure you discover how medications might affect your physique.

By way of example, antihistamines are meant to dry your sinuses, nevertheless they usually do not just dry out the mucus out of your sinuses. They also dry the ones at different places, such as your vagina. Another medication proven to affect the overall appearance of cervical mucus is Clomid, a common fertility medication.

Even though the medication can be really a fertility medication, it causes the cervical mucus to really have a different appearance than that of regular fertile cervical mucus.

7. Check Extra Signs As-well

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Some women have multiple fertile spots inside their cervix, such as for instance individuals who have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Women who have health conditions which affect the way their own bodies produce cervical mucus should check for additional signs of ovulation.

This would include recording your basal body temperature or paying attention to this position of changes on your cervix.

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