8 Technologies to Help During a Pandemic

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Life has a habit of slapping us with unprecedented situations that hang our well-being in the balance. But how we counter the tribulations determines if they’ll make us or break us. Or isn’t it true that every action calls for an equal and opposite reaction? This time around, it wasn’t just related to one person or a few individuals, but the whole world – coronavirus pandemic.

When countries felt the pandemic’s heat, every government world-over decided to halt socioeconomic activities to curb the spread of the virus. This meant temporary interruptions to education programs, business operations, customer services, normal healthcare services, etc.

But thanks to modern technologies of today, we were able and continue to develop innovative ways of normalizing our daily activities while avoiding contracting the virus. For instance, we’ve seen the emergence of new ways of manufacturing, healthcare provision, communicating, and even playing online games.

Let’s now dig a little deeper into the 8 A-list technologies that have been a great asset during this pandemic period.

Robotics in the Health Sector

The use of modern technology in medicine processing and administering has seen robots take nurses’ roles during the pandemic. Hospitals are now using robots to check on patients and answer basic questions, take temperatures, deliver food, clean the rooms, etc.

Robots also use artificial intelligence algorithms to diagnose coronavirus and other illnesses as well. These algorithms even identify patients at higher risks for better clinical care. Even more amazingly, AI diagnosis has a high accuracy level of 96% and reads thousands of CT scans within 20 seconds. AI-driven robotics are also part of modern technologies’ genetics, like DNA modification and genome editing.


In a word, telemedicine is the act of providing healthcare services remotely, i.e., when the medical practitioner and the patient are in different physical locations. This modern technology medicine practice couldn’t come at a better time when there’s a need to avoid as many human interactions as possible.

Medical assistants have undergone the necessary training to learn how to prepare patients virtually. Video conferencing is now the new way of performing physical exams and complex evaluations like anatomy pathology.

Additive Manufacturing

Covid-19 pandemic forced the closing of borders by different governments to curb the virus’s importation from other countries. This caused a huge interruption of the international trade and supply chain. So, how can modern technology save our future?

Also known as 3D printing, additive manufacturing is constructing three-dimensional objects from a digital model using computer control. These modern digital technologies have come in handy in manufacturing protective equipment like masks and respiratory support equipment like ventilators and valves. The only caveat is that before manufacturing materials that are copyright protected, you have to seek authorization to avoid getting sued. 

Modern Technology Logistics

Despite the “stay home, stay safe” slogan, we still must have access to essential products like food, medicine, and hygienic products. One modern technologies company that has stood out and dedicated its resources to bring the goods to the people is the Brazilian-based Cargo X.

Conscious of the fact that the country has been hit hard by the pandemic, Cargo X pays drivers and carriers’ wages on a 70/30 basis to keep the goods flowing. I.e., they pay 70% upfront and 30% upon delivery. Isn’t this an amazing gesture?

Cashless Transactions

Modern technologies have redefined how we carry out transactions: digital and card payments are the preferred option to cash and cheque exchanges. Industry leaders like Mastercard have partnered with Starling Bank to launch payment cards that NHS volunteer responders can use to shop for individuals in self-isolation. The payment cards act as cash alternatives, thus curbing any loophole that can transmit the deadly virus.

That aside, if you’re a gaming enthusiast, you can still play your favorite online game at the comfort of your couch while staying safe. Making fund deposits and withdrawals and claiming rewards like bonus 20 euro is still possible through digital transaction methods such as mobile wallets, crypto wallets, prepaid cards, internet banking, etc.

Staff Screening

Essential workers, like medical practitioners, news reporters, firefighters, and paramedics, still have to face the virus’s exposure every day as they go about their duties. This has forced companies to emulate new means of clearing workers before they get to work.

Today, if you walk into any modern technologies corporation, you’ll have your photo taken to a screening survey via a QR code. And that’s not all; there’s also a section for scanning your temperature with an infrared thermometer.

Video Conferencing

By now, if you haven’t got used to connecting and interacting with friends and family online, you still have some adapting to do. This modern technology of virtual interaction has created a platform for educators, fitness experts, business coaches, etc., to offer online classes and exchange ideas.

Installation of video monitors in hospital rooms also creates a chance for patients to interact with doctors without getting exposed to many physical interactions. Doctors who are more vulnerable to coronavirus due to pre-existing conditions can still attend to patients with ease.

Takeoff Technologies

Covid-19 has changed our shopping habits, with most people opting for online purchases instead of visiting physical stores. This has seen grocery stores turn into a beehive of activities as they grapple with the demand.

Modern technologies have risen to feel the void and help stores provide more reliable delivery services to their customers. A good example is Takeoff Technologies – a US-based startup that uses mini-warehouses and robots to prepare customer orders.


Covid-19 is the worst thing to strike humanity in the last decade. But come to think of it; the pandemic has opened doors that we didn’t know existed and brought up under-exploited opportunities. It is commendable how modern technology has transformed medical research and practice, education, communication, etc. And guess what, this digitization will last long after we’ve defeated the pandemic.

Hopefully, after this post, you realized that technology is an essential asset to the fight of Covid-19. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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