5 Ways To Make Your Website SEO Friendly

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The ultimate goal of all businesses is to earn profits and reach higher positions on search engines. If you also dream of achieving that top-level on search engine pages, then you must go for search engine optimization or so-called SEO services. Working with search engine optimization on your website can give you better results and SERPs and help to get long-term business profits. But if you’ve never optimized your website before, it can be difficult to know how to do it. Here in this article, we have listed some most effective tips to make your website SEO friendly but before moving further, let’s understand what SEO is first.

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization or SEO is an optimization process of the web content and website with the goal of making it appear in higher positions on search engines such as Google. A Good and effective SEO strategy results in better search engine rankings and more potential visitors to your website, increasing the chance of a conversion.

But how can you make your website more user-friendly and rank higher on Google? Here are five effective tips that are guaranteed to improve your website SEO and rankings.

1.   See what your target audience is googling for and use keywords

One of the most common reasons why potential customers are unable to find the sites is because they google keywords that are not used on the site. Keywords play a crucial role in making your website SEO-friendly. To attract potential customers, the keywords in the content of your website must match the target group’s search terms.

What keywords does your target audience google on? You can find the answer in Google Analytics under Search Console in the menu.

Google search console displays a list of search terms your visitors have googled to end up on your site. For example, you can see the top five most common combinations of words in the last six months. It will give you hints as to what you should create content and marketing around to drive more relevant leads.

2.   Make sure your site is mobile-friendly

In 2021, Google will primarily evaluate and rank sites according to a so-called “mobile-first indexing.” What is it? It means that it will be more important than ever to have a mobile responsive website, and content that you want to rank should also adapt to even smaller screens such as mobile phones and tablets.

You can also analyze user’s behavior, check out what attracts your mobile visitors more in Google Analytics, and optimize your website accordingly. Google Analytics helps you find answers to various questions such as what distinguishes those who enter your site via mobile? How long do they stay on your site? Do they visit many sites? Do they convert? , etc.

Always double-check that new pages and posts look good on your mobile phone before you publish them.

3.   Create SEO-friendly content

Having a live news feed on your site is good from an SEO point of view. But it is better to focus on regular content posting, including articles, blog posts, and podcasts that are timeless or so-called evergreen content. Problem-solving articles, suggestion blogs, etc., always attract visitors that help increase your website traffic. These pages should answer your target group’s most common questions through guides, help, and tips in a way that allows them to be relevant for a long time. Know more about CONTENT MARKETING – An incredibly easy method that works for

A site that, over time, gets many visitors who also stays log will rank higher, which in turn drives in even more relevant visitors and potential customers. Google interprets this as meaning that your site is relevant and therefore lists it highly for your target audience.

4. SEO & Security

Only SEO can not be a part of any website success. There should be a security aspect that needed to be considered. After Google’s initiative, most of websites install SSL certificate on their website either it is a low priced multi domain, cheap wildcard SSL or any discounted SSL cert available at almost SSL providers. SSL encrypts ongoing information between the server and the browser and helps in boosting search engine ranking.SSL encrypts ongoing information between the server and the browser and helps in boosting search engine ranking. Without SSL, users won’t believe in your website and move to other website. For better conversion rate and ranking SSL certificates are essential security protocol.

5.   Insert Right Key Search For Better SEO

Make sure that your site has the most important keywords- in this case, and the keyword should appear at least on the below-mentioned areas:

  • In the URL or link address of the page
  • Include keywords in the heading (H1) and at least once or twice on subheading (H2, H2)
  • In the Metadata of the site, such as title tags, Meta descriptions, etc.
  • Add the keywords in the body text.

However, the keyword should not appear so often that it becomes unnatural. It is usually said that it should not make up more than 1-2 percent of the text, i.e., occur once or twice per hundred words.

The most important thing is that you use both the keyword and variants and synonyms for the keyword to become natural for the visitor.

Final thought

To make your site SEO-friendly and to succeed with SEO, it is essential to pay attention to all significant ranking factors to let google notice your website on search engines. It will help improve your website ranking and increase traffic to your site too. We recommend that you use the tips mentioned above for at least a month and see how it’s going to change your entire website performance. But don’t expect a sudden change in website ranking from page 90th to 1st because SEO is a slow process but gives you long-term benefits to your website and business growth.

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