Augmented Reality and the transformation it will bring in Web Design

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If someone asks you about the latest trend which is transforming the information technology industry, without a doubt, you will name Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, IoT etc. In the present article, we are discussing the major impacts of Augmented Reality on web design London.

At present, AR is one of the most promising sectors for IT. It carves out the real world around you into the beautiful imagery in the devices. In this manner, the people get to build a world around themselves in the camera or the devices before them. With the assistance of AR, one can create a layer over layer of computer-generated images. This will provide the viewers with experience of a virtual world before them.

In short, you are creating a non-digital reality with the use of digital technology. However, this promising technology also offers a lot of benefits in the context of web designing London aspects. Here is a list of the possibilities with Augmented Reality.

1. Application of AR in Web Design London

In the initial days, websites were there for the purpose of sharing the information with regards to the functioning and services of the business. Later on, it moved towards the graphical representation of the processes and workflow at the organization. With the advent of latest technologies, we are now moving one-step forward towards the interactive websites.
These websites will talk about the business. It will demonstrate all the procedures, workflow and the functioning of the products or services which an organization offers. In this manner, the users or clients will be possessing greater clarity about the feasibility of product with themselves. Hence, you will be successful in engaging the potential buyer and it will be easier for you to sell them.

2. Utilizing Augmented Reality in Digital Marketing

AR is having an upper hand in the marketing aspects also. Let us think of a situation where you are explaining the procedure of your services through hand gestures. With that hand gestures, you are also creating an imaginary world which explains all the process flow substantially. Wouldn’t it urge the buyer to get more interested in you?
There are numerous possibilities which AR Delivers in Marketing. Right beginning from the interactive Video ADs which take the buyers on a virtual ride, till making the product alive in an interactive manner prior to the situation when a person owns it. Imagine a situation where you want to place a sofa in your drawing room and without even getting it to your home, you test How it will appear in your drawing room. Yes, that’s the possibility Augmented Reality offers with web design London!

3. How AR can impact UI/UX Designing

Everyone talks about creating a UI/UX Friendly website. However, the future is much beyond our imagination. Nowadays, there are many eCommerce stores where the buyer can virtually try the accessories they are wishing to buy without even touching them! Furthermore, with the handheld devices, the users can also experience the 360-view of any place, object, location, area etc.
This has resulted in the shift of desktop users to the handheld devices. Because web on the mobile is the future of the World. With the help of such latest technology, one can prevent the manual labor tasks of reaching out to the store for trying out products and checking their quality. It will all be available on the go.

4. Exercising Interactive Voices on the Website

Imagine a door which just opens with the help of your voice. Yes, that’s possible with the amazing speech recognition technology available. But, you might be wondering that How can speech recognition feasible in Web Design London. One can install voice commands on the website. With such voice interaction feature, a user will be able to guide the website to demonstrate different types of products, in their room. Hence, making the tasks extremely easier for the user.
‘Hey, Siri!’ and ‘Ok Google!’ are the instances where we are using this technology in our real-life. With the web design London, we can bring these possibilities on the business website too.

Why use Augmented Reality for your next project?

This question drives more attention than anything. Let’s discuss in the below-given section.
It drives more engagement
AR drives engagement. It makes easier for the user to interact with the products as well as services. The website will be demonstrating all the particles of your service, which your sales or marketing team isn’t able to reflect. Because the website is familiar with the requirements of your customer. Hence, they will only get to see what they really wish to see. This will result in a higher number of interactions, which can be easily converted into end-users.

What is the scope of AR in Website Designing?

We all often confuse Augmented reality with Virtual reality. To distinguish both of them, AR is the bridging gap between reality and the VR. At present, AR is occupied with a lot of challenges for the full-fledged application in the web design London industry. However, the future of this technology is quite bright.
There are many websites around, where now we can get a 3-D Map with the Satellite Imagery and the 360-view of the location. It is with the assistance obtained from AR while availing the web design London services. Making the AR feasible to the desktop device is still a massive challenge for many. However, we are continuously evolving, with the mobile-optimized websites, high definition graphics till the 3-D representation. AR is having a lot to offer in the web designing industry.