How to Sell a Used Car? Key Steps to Get Most of the Money

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With a handwritten sign “For Sale” on the windshield of your car might bring back affectionate memories of an apparently simpler time. But it’s not really enough if you are looking to get most of the money for your car while minimizing potential dangers of managing a sale on your own. You need some planning, organization as well as some elbow grease if you want to Sell a Car for the highest price possible. Clean up your car with care and present it in an attention-grabbing ad with honesty. Perhaps that sounds lots of work for you but the reality is entirely opposite.

Here we have shortlisted a bunch of steps you should follow to avoid obstacles that may cause to slow down the selling process. So, let’s keep going!

Estimate Value

There is a vast range of websites that can help you determine how much your car’s worth – based on different factors such as mileage and condition. Be noted, you will have to be honest about your car’s condition and remember that there are only a few 10-year-old cars worthy of an excellent rating.

Gather Required Documents

Most of the sellers don’t avoid last-minute anxiety by gathering all documents they’ll be needed to sell their cars – make sure you aren’t one of them. If your car is still under warranty, be ready with all required papers. And if not, add a document which indicates that the new owner of the car will be responsible for all repairs and other expenses. If you are not familiar which documents do you need, your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles website has got you covered.

Clean Up Your Car

Here is where you need to be active as it’s your chance to present your hardware. Your car needs to look beautiful if any buyer arrives at your doorstep to check out. This will indicate that you have taken good care of it and will indeed increase the chance of getting the highest price – may be more than you want Used Import Car.

Neat and clean car looks better too if you advertise. So, make sure to wash the interior and exterior, clean the tires and wheels of your car. Also, vacuum and wash the interior of the windows inside and out.

Take a Lot of Images

Nothing can turn off online car shoppers such as for-sale ad without images. Adding only a single image will look so bad – therefore, make a point of capturing many images from several angles. That will definitely help answer all the questions of buyers before they contact you. Capture images of your car from the front, back, and both sides. Also, make sure you are not one of those who skips taking images of the interior which may force shoppers to think your car’s cabin is too awkwardly horrible to show.

Get Advertised

Now, you have to decide whether you want your car to be advertised locally or nationally on different websites. Your ad should include the following information:

  • Asking Price
  • Mileage
  • Current Condition of a Car
  • Accident or Damage History
  • Recent Service or Repairs
  • A Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Screen Serious Buyers

Once you have posted an ad – start answering shoppers’ questions through the phone call or online and arrange test drives for those who are willing to buy your car. At this time, get the buyer’s complete address, full name, and method of payment. Our recommendation is “Cash” which is a king in this market.

Make a Pitch

When someone arrives to see your car, switch yourself into sales mode and let him/her know about all the features to impressive him/her more such as safety, reliability, fuel economy, interior space and other things that help it stand out from a competition.

Be Flexible

After giving a pitch and test drive, let him/her know if the asking price is final or open to negotiation. You should start with a higher amount than the amount you are actually willing to accept. Also, keep a final price in your mind which is the lowest you’re ready to accept. Be flexible but that doesn’t mean so much!Note: One of the well-reputed Scrap Car Buyers in UAE is “WeBuyCars” – offering free car inspection service at client’s doorstep without any charges and buy any car in any condition within 30 minutes with complete and secure paperwork. So, instead of getting involved in any process or following numerous steps, simply drop your car details, sit back, relax and let them do their work. It’s as simple as 1 2 3.


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