CONTENT MARKETING – An incredibly easy method that works for all

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With the changing time, there has been a great change in the advertising world as well. Consumers are shifting from conventional advertising formats into the digital sphere. Online content is getting more and more valuable. Hence, it is very crucial to use this effective tool at your brand’s disposal. But first, let us understand what content marketing is.

What is Content Marketing?

The history of content marketing goes back to the old day of print advertising. Strategic content marketing aims to share informative content that is useful to the target audience, relevant and useful. With the beginning of SEO and digital marketing, the content has the power to effectively introduce your brand into the digital world.

Content marketing can help build a connection between the brand and the audience. In addition, it improves engagement and retention.

There are primarily four broad forms of content:

  • Audio
  • Images
  • Written Word
  • Video

The most important thing to keep in mind while using content marketing services is to always give prime importance to sharing content that adds value to the existing knowledge and unearths new insights. Let us now take a step further and understand more about content marketing.

Why should one invest in Content Marketing?

Content marketing if done right can help a brand in multiple ways. Here are some of the benefits:

1.Content Marketing Enhances Brand Awareness

Getting people to notice your brand in today’s time is extremely difficult. A person on average encounters 2,000 ads per day. But wait, these are the statistics from 2014, which means at the present rate it is way more than 2000! Hence, bringing relevant content to consumers, wherever they are through different platforms can make them remember you and make them more aware of your brand.

2.Builds Trust Among the Consumers

As per the Content Marketing Institute’s report, approximately more than two-thirds of the respondents stated that content marketing has helped them build and strengthen trust with their audience over the years.

While posting content that is necked by credible data, you are paving the path towards creating trust with an audience. Building trust means providing the audience information using credible sources. If your brand is relatively new then getting content published on credible platforms can be a helpful step in establishing trust with an audience. 

3.Content Marketing Provides Information

Around two-thirds of the successful brands that participated in the survey conducted by the Content Marketing Institute responded that it allowed them to educate or provide information to audiences that are actively seeking information. Most of these audiences would rather prefer to learn about a company and its services through an article or blog than a traditional advertisement.

4.Increase Loyalty with Content Marketing

According to a study, approximately 60 percent of B2C companies that witnessed success with content marketing in 2018, agreed to the fact that it has helped in building loyalty with their audience. Content writing can help in creating a community where you are sharing valuable content and allowing your audience to respond to it. Consuming the content can evoke certain emotions which can create a positive notion about your brand.

5.Content Marketing Boosts Leads and Demands

Investing in content marketing can help upscale the demands for your business and also increase leads. A good content marketing strategy can help generate comparatively more leads than outbound marketing or paid ads. The better part is that the cost is considerably less as well.

How to Create a Content Marketing Strategy?

1.Set your Content Marketing Goals

Content marketing strategy can be used to target many goals. Define the objectives that are your prime focus while writing the content.

2.Define your Target Audience

You must try to get to know your audience. Find where they spend time, what new information can you help them with, where do they spend their money, and much more. Knowing your audience will help you find out what attracts your target audience and it will put you in a better position of creating engaging content that leads them to make a purchase.

3.Seo and Keyword Research

Once you have closely known your audience, research for keywords that are relevant to your audience. Many tools are available to help with keyword research such as Google keyword planner. After doing extensive keyword research you can create content around these keywords. This will help in driving traffic and higher SEO rankings for the brand’s website.

4.Know your Competition

It is very crucial to know your competition, their public content, and the areas where their content ranks. Understand the things they are doing but more importantly try to observe what they are not doing and pitch in that gap by providing better value to the audience.

5.Choose your Distribution Channels

There are many distribution channels when it comes to content marketing. Do not get overwhelmed with them, rather focus on your objective and try to find the best-suited channels that allow you to tap the right people via the right channels.

6.Document your Strategy in a Calendar

Once you have chosen your channels, create a calendar that mentions the details of where the content would be available, when it should be posted, along with other nitty-gritty. This will assist your team to easily understand their responsibilities and elevate the decision-making process.

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