Fun and Fresh Gift Ideas to Give This Holiday Season

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Are you at a loss for good gift ideas this holiday? Has holiday shopping become more of a chore than it is a cheer? We hear you. Every year seems to get harder and harder when it comes to figuring out great gift ideas.

Here’s the good news—help is on the way. In this article we are going to look a couple of fun and fresh gift ideas that will help make your shopping a breeze this year. Read on the find out the hottest new gifts under the tree this year.

Vinyl Records for the Music Enthusiast

Do you have a music buff that you’re shopping for? Believe it or not, vinyl records are back near the top of the list when it comes to hardcore music listeners these days. For good reason too, nothing is more soothing than the crackling sound of a vinyl record.

The Sound of Vinyl is a website that connects music enthusiasts to all of their vinyl record needs. It’s an online marketplace where you can find just about any record you might ever want. It’s easily searched by artist, album, or keyword—quickly connecting you to the music you’re looking for.

Take a look today, you’re guaranteed to find something anyone who enjoys good music would love.

Bath and Body Products for Her

Who doesn’t love a soothing bath? Nothing takes a load off after a long day than running a good bubble bath, lighting some candles, and turning on your favorite tunes on a wireless speaker. Help her have the most relaxes evenings ever by stopping by Spongelle.

Spongelle is another online retailer of bath and body products that are innovative and atop the market. Here you’ll find hand care products, lotions, bathing products, and even footcare products. If you poke around enough, you’ll find something that is sure to make her happy.

If you’re still unsure after looking around, Spongelle offers gift cards so you can let her pick out something that she will love.

New Golf Attire for Him

Looking stylish on the links is something that is an absolute must if you’re going to play your best golf. Keep the golf enthusiast in your life looking fresh on the course by outfitting him with new golf attire from Tasc.

Tasc offers everything from golf polos to sweaters along with shorts and pants that any golfer would love to have. All of the material is super lightweight, assuring that his clothes aren’t getting in the way of the perfect swing.

Coming in a variety of colors and styles, you’ll be able to find many different options while you’re shopping. This is a one stop shop for everything golfers would love to wear on the course.

Commemorative Military Gear for Veterans

Do you have a friend or family member who is a veteran? How about getting them something to commemorate their service and put it on display? There is no greater pride than serving your country and our veterans deserve to be proud of their bravery.

USAMM has plenty of great gifts for the veterans in your life. From military stickers and decals for their vehicle, to customizable US Navy caps, there is a ton of options here for you to choose from. Personalize their gift with the ship they served on or their unit and you’ll have a great gift that they care wear proudly.

This gift is sure to get the emotions flowing as soon as they open it. It’s as thoughtful as it is stylish and gives pride to friends and family who endured it all so that we can celebrate the holidays.

A Luxury Bath Robe

Everyone loves to feel like they are pampered. Consider a luxury bath robe from Venus Et Fleur for the person in your life who loves the finer things.

This plush, lined microfiber robe is great for those who love relaxing after a hot bath or enjoying their morning coffee before work. It provides a sleek white finish and offers the wearer endless comfort and warmth.

This gift is thoughtful and practical for anyone who enjoys wrapping themselves up in pure comfort, no matter when that is. It’s a high-quality robe that will last a lifetime, looks great, and has them feeling like they are in a luxury hotel!

A Stylish Dog Harness for the Pet Lover (Or Pet)

If you’re looking for something for the pet lover, or maybe something for your pet, the Wild One dog harness is a wonderful idea. Sleek, stylish, soft, stretchy, and resilient—this harness does it all.

The harness is cushioned and light weight, meaning more comfort for the dog, and less bulky for the pet owner that is carrying it around. It has adjustable neck and chest straps so it’s customizable for every dog.

It features three attachment points so the dog can be lead in the owners preferred manner. Unlimited colors allow you to pick out your lucky pet lover’s favorite color to make sure no detail is left out.

Your pet lover, or pet, will love this new harness all year long!

Pet Portraits for the Pet Lover

As if a fancy new dog harness wasn’t enough, we also can recommend a fun gift for the pet enthusiast—in the form of custom pet portraits from Crown and Paw! These fun and goofy portraits are sure to get a laugh, and maybe a few hugs, when they open their gift this year.

It works pretty simply, you chose a costume, which can be almost anything from Christmas costumes to sports costumes, you upload a photo of the pet or pets, and place your order. From there you’ll simply approve the preview after a few days on you’re done!

The portraits can be printed on phone cases, blankets, pillows and more to make the gift even more enjoyable for the pet lover in your life.

Compression Socks for Anyone!

Do you know someone who deals with foot pain and swelling? Compression socks from Comrad socks might be right for them! These new socks are all the rage when it comes to all comfort.

These socks offer great relief from swelling, give the wearer all-day comfort energy, good support, and comfort. These practical socks also some in extremely stylish colors, meaning they can be worn for work, or worn with their favorite Crocs and no one would be able to tell the difference.

Socks were never that high on anyone’s holiday list until now! These stylish and comfortable socks are a must have for anyone who suffers from chronic foot pain. With all the styles they come in, there’s no reason to not wear them!


There you have it, a fresh and fun list of holiday gift ideas for a variety of different people. Hopefully this takes a little bit of the stress of the holiday season out of it for you.

Gift giving doesn’t have to be a nightmare. There are many new exciting gifts that will keep the holiday fresh and exciting for everyone in the family. Give a few of these a try and everyone will have a wonderful holiday!

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