9 Tips to Crack UGC-NET Exam

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The UGC NET exam is conducted by the National Education Testing Bureau of University Grants Commission. This exam is conducted to determine eligibility for lectureship and junior research fellowship for Indian citizens. The general notion that students have regarding the exam is that it is tough to clear just like JEE Advanced. The applicants have more chances of clearing the exam if they consider teaching to be their passion. 

The following tips will help you to be better prepared for the exam – 

  1. Syllabus – Applicants must be familiar with the syllabus of the UGC NET exam. Being thorough with the syllabus helps them prepare and anticipate the important topics for the exam. 
  2. Time Management – Take your time. Rushing into things does not help in anyway. An applicant must have at least three to six months to be prepared for the test. If you have enough time during the preparation then you will not have to skip any topics. Many applicants do not allot enough time for preparation and end up skipping topics even in JEE Advanced
  3. Notes – An applicant must prepare notes as and when they are studying the topics. These notes help the applicants, structure the knowledge they are learning in a better way. These notes can also be referred to during the last minute revision before the exam. 
  4. Mock Tests – As the old saying goes, which we all know ‘practice makes a man perfect’. Applying for mock test helps an applicant prepare for the real exam. These mock tests not only help a person go through similar questions which helps them be more prepared and anticipate the actual paper but they also help the applicant in improving their time management skills. 
  5. Schedule – The applicants are advised to create a strict schedule that they are willing to follow. An ideal schedule has two hours of study time followed by a break of 15-30 min. Applicants must strictly stick to their studies schedule and unless an emergency takes place, there must be no other reason to deviate from it. Having self discipline plays a really big part in this. The lack of self discipline will only lead to failures. 
  6. Revise – It is essential for the applicants to revise the topic before the exam. They must not be focused on a quick revision and the speed of the revision but rather focus on the quality of revision. Being quick with the revision has no use unless it is done the right way. Making notes of the important topics or highlighting the important topic by underlining them in the textbook while studying helps during the revision period. 
  7. Priority Allotment – Applicants must be able to manage their time in the UGC NET exam during the preparation phase. They must prioritise preparation for UGC NET over other tasks at hand. Allocating priorities to the tasks at hand help us in realising which ones of them are really more important compared to the others. Time is of the essence and the most valuable resource you have at your disposal. Being able to manage your time the right way in the exam will prevent you from rushing through the answers and help you in providing better quality answers. 
  8. Exam Blueprint – Applicants must be familiar with the exam blueprint. They must be aware of the sections and what kind of questions are to be expected in them. Being able to analyse and predict these questions will give them an advantage over the other applicants. Having a better idea about the blueprint only helps applicants in being able to predict the type of questions that appear. 
  9. Attitude – The attitude of the applicants is very essential. If you do not believe that you can clear the exam in first attempt then you most likely will not be able to do it. You must have confidence and faith in yourself and do your best in the first try. Losing mentality will not take you a long way at all where as a winning mentality is what you need in order to clear this exam. 

Thus, if a student who is preparing for UGC NET follows the above tips, then they could achieve success and get qualified in the exam with good percentage.