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The information and Technology (IT) sector is one of a wide range industry with many opportunities. Worldwide, the IT sector is the most prominent sector which is rising rapidly. Hence, gives you huge chances to build your career in this sector. While everything is digitalized, IT professionals are the biggest supporters to provide services.

Technology is advancing day by day. There is a massive demand for IT employees in the market. In India, the IT sector creates over more than 500,000 jobs in 2022. IT services like TCS, INFOSYS, HCL, TECH MAHINDRA, LNT, and many more need trained and qualified IT professionals.

Qualification is the first initial step to enhancing your career. It is important to choose the right course and its teaching centers. One of them is the Master of engineering course (ME) which helps you prepare for real opportunities.

Engineering is a well-known qualification degree that adds excellent career benefits. But Master of Engineering (ME) is different from M.Tech. Both have a different syllabus and different duration of courses as well. Many Universities/ Engineering colleges in Navi Mumbai/ Institutions are providing the Master of Engineering program to create trained professionals in Information and Technology.

Being a student, many queries arise when we have to select the best for us. Thus this is the right place for acknowledgement of both course and college.

What is a Master of Engineering?

It is a Post Graduation Information Technology degree of 2 years duration. This course is a combination of knowledge sources of Electronic, Telecommunication, Computing, and Information technology which trains you to achieve success in the real world.

M.TECH is different from ME but this course provides valuable, vital, oriented knowledge and opens you to many job opportunities.

Terna Engineering College divided this 2-year course into four sections-

  1. Computer Engineering
  2. Electronic Engineering
  3. Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering
  4. Information Technology

What you can do with a Master of Engineering in Information Technology?

It is quite obvious to get the best qualification in the bestME colleges in Mumbai but the main question here is WHAT AFTER THAT?  Every student wants to train himself/herself for a better future to get the benefits i.e. better placements with good income. This article is here to acknowledge you as much as possible in order to help you direct you in the right direction. Below is the possible list of types of job opportunities that you can get with Master of Engineering.

  1. Information Technology Manager
  2. Senior Software Engineer
  3. Application Developer
  4. Software Engineer
  5. Research Analyst
  6. Assistant Manager
  7. Software Quality Analyst
  8. Business Analyst
  9. Design Engineer
  10.  Assistant Professor
  11.  Information Technology Analyst
  12.  Process Manager
  13.  Structural Engineer
  14.  Analytic Manager
  15.  Data Science Manager
  16.  Information Technology Recruiter
  17.  Product Engineer


Salaries for jobs are not always fixed. It depends on various factors like designation, location, specialization even varies from company to company in both private and public sectors. As compared between fresher and an experienced employee the salary also makes difference as per your experience.

The average salary of Master of Engineering degree holder is INR 5LPA to 10 LPA. The salaries surely get raised as you get experienced in roles of your field. Here is the average salary list and roles of the job positions.

  1. Information Technology Manager – Your role in the organization is to serve as a strategic leader as well as a supporter of both team and organization. Your job role is unique but responsibilities are ample because you are the one who is moving your team and organization forward. IT manager set goals, makes plans, and being a leader, you will focus on the workflow of the team.

         Average salary of IT Manager is INR 13, 24,600 per year.

  • Senior Software Engineer – Your role is to create new software and improve it when needed. They build a team of professionals who works on operating system and applications for the organization.

 Average salary of Senior Software Manager is INR 7.4 LPA.

  • Application Developer – Application Developer has many roles to play in an organization and they are really important roles. They are the code creators of the software as they design, code, monitor, and develop software solutions as per customer needs.  They troubleshoot, test the code and debug the code too.

Average salary of Application Developer is INR 8,03,900 per year.

  • Software Engineer—They focus on software development. It includes construction, testing, designing, and analyzing the applications to meet the user’s needs. In short, they can work in any technology industry because they are the builders of software and system.

 Average salary of Software Engineering is INR 5LPA.

  • Analytic Manager – Primary role of the analytic manager / Data Science Manager is to manage and collect the data and analysis that by using software programs. They provide insights of the company as their role is to translate the collected data into appropriate information for the company.

Average salary of Analytic Manager is INR 19, 75,404 per year.

  • Data Scientist – Data scientist’s main role is to organize and analyze data. This role is important for every organization because everything is data in terms of technology; thus it can influence business trends and decisions.

Average salary of Data Scientist is INR 10 LPA.

Here are other job positions AVERAGE SALARIES –

  1. Research Analyst —  Average Salary INR 5,64,431 Per Year
  2. Assistant Manager —  Average Salary INR 6,19,592 Per Year
  3. Software Quality Analyst —  Average Salary INR 3.5 Per Year
  4. Business Analyst —  Average Salary INR 6,16,471 Per Year
  5. Design Engineer —  Average Salary INR 6 Per Year
  6. Assistant Professor–  Average Salary INR 4.0 Per Year
  7. Information Technology Analyst —  Average Salary INR 6,44,295 Per Year
  8. Process Manager —  Average Salary INR 8,15,804 Per Year
  9. Structural Engineer–  Average Salary INR  5.5 Per Year
  10.  Information Technology Recruiter–  Average Salary INR 2,97,751 Per Year
  11.  Product Engineer–  Average Salary INR 9,02,843 Per Year

Information Technology (IT) sector is the fastest-growing sector not only in India but worldwide. If you complete the courses in information technology then you have enormous job opportunities to achieve your career goals. Good luck.

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