TOMS College of Engineering Shining bright in the Placement Season   

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Toms College of Engineering and Startup (TOMS) College of Engineering, Kottayam is a forward-looking, AICTE-approved college of engineering. Considered to be one of the best engineering colleges in Kerala, the APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University (KTU) affiliated college offers B.Tech Engineering courses and Polytechnic Diploma courses to students. The college goes above and beyond to provide an excellent education experience to students which starts with a smooth enrollment process and ends with a placement that’s worthy of the students.

Education, hospitable living, personality development, skills, and training are the main offerings of TOMS College, but nothing tops the importance of placement for the college. Placement is what defines the return of investment of any college, and must satisfy the astronomicalengineering colleges fees in Kerala. Placement is considered to be a priority at TOMS College of Engineering. The college has a separate placement division that works around the year to sort the best companies and agencies for the placement cycle. The division also trains students and ensures that they are eligible and capable of employment.

Placement at TOMS

The placement cycle at TOMS is so much more than just vetting companies and registering students. The two-tiered college course covers the education of startups, 21st-century business logistics, and marketing. The college prepares you for the bigshot and unattainable companies across sectors. TOMS has introduced training sessions that develop the soft skills of students. The college offers special-oriented training sessions for all prospective students who enroll in technical degrees. The college also trains students enrolled in the diploma branches who wish to learn the skills that make them a great hire.

Campus placement is a process of inviting companies and corporations to recruit fresh graduates who are in the final year of their graduation. Campus placement is coordinated by colleges that wish to send their students to companies with the best pay and most benefits. Campus placement is a crucial way of assessing which college is best and most preferred for students. Students who enter the workforce immediately are most likely to succeed in their professional lives. TOMS college of Engineering counts among the best placement engineering colleges in Kerala.

Each student in the B.Tech colleges in Kerala has a different offering, but TOMS students are trained in startup knowledge and are ready for the world. Henceforth, it is all the more crucial that they present their core areas and otherworldly talent to the interviewers. Here’s how the system of placement operates at TOMS:

Four Phases of Placement Training

  1. Phase One

    Phase one is solely focused on training students to present themselves in the best way possible. It is all about developing the right vocal abilities, personality, interview skills, communication, and attitude to approach multinational companies.

    The phase focuses on three things:

    – Personality Development
    – Communication Skills
    – Leadership Skills

  2. Phase Two

    Phase two models the students and reframes their thinking. For a majority of students, sitting in placement is their first chance at interacting with a professional interviewer. Most students blow their interviews because they cannot handle the curveballs swerved by the interviewer. The second phase takes them to a place wherein they can learn the importance of presentation, time management, and other crucial points which make for a great hire.

    The phase focuses on five things:

    – Positive Thinking
    – Motivation
    – Presentation Skills
    – Time Management
    – Goal Setting

  3. Phase Three

    Now that the personality is covered and students feel prepared to sit in placement, we can move on to the rather crucial thing, which is training students intellectually. This phase is all about equipping students with a critical pre-interview questionnaire or quick tests such as quantitative aptitude, verbal ability, and so much more. Regardless of your course or degree, most students must have a baseline knowledge of all of these topics.

    The phase focuses on five things:

    – Quantitative Aptitude
    –  Verbal Ability
    – Company Pattern Discussion and Knowledge Testing
     – Online Tests
    – GDs

  4. Phase Four
    With personality and intellectual training out of the way, now is time to train students to sit in interviews and equip them with skills that clear them. Mock interviews, training shots, online tests, and revision goes a long way in training students at TOMS College of Engineering to be confident and professional in an interview setting. Most students hail from humble backgrounds, and it is crucial that the college takes responsibility for teaching them the perfect etiquette that multinational corporations want in their employees.

    The phase focuses on four things:

    – Interview Skills
    – Mock Interviews
    – Resume Preparation
    – Online Tests

Why TOMS stands Out Among Other Colleges

Placement season can be rough on students. From choosing the companies to interview for, to preparing for their interviews, the ordeal can be hard. TOMS students have less to worry about, as they are trained by professionals in the field. Placements at an engineering college are an intrinsic element that is considered by almost every student and their parents. Placement statistic is the most looked-for figure in the admission process. And understandably so. Parents and students should ensure that the large sum of money they are paying is worth it and will yield results.

TOMS College placement decision provides an excellent training platform for students to develop special soft skills that improve their overall outlook. They also focus on training students based on their domain. Lastly, they train students through group discussions and mock interviews to give them an idea of the corporate exposure that they are about to face.

In conclusion,

Placements allow fresh graduates to enter the industry and make a career for themselves. Students with a foot in the door get to connect with their peers and gain experience from being in the field. Additionally, students also get to interact with industry experts and chart a path for themselves. TOMS not only gets the best colleges for placement, but it also trains students to ace their interviews.

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