Beautiful Beach Themed Weddings Cake Ideas

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Getting hitched on the beach? Well, it sounds like a great idea. Its a popular choice with couples who want to have a destination wedding. It also makes a good option for people who wish to have a small intimate affair. Beach weddings usually wrap up the wedding and honeymoon into one and are incredibly romantic. When the location is so perfect, don’t you agree that why should you compromise on other components?. Like the decoration and the wedding cake should also be accurate. Embrace the location and get inspiration for the theme. 

Like your wedding cake can pick up elements from the sea because desserts make for an essential part. Tip: Try picking up not more than one or two of your favourite elements to avoid an overly themed situation.  Finding a designer cake in today’s world is as easy as ABC. But choosing the right one for your wedding day is what the tougher part is. 

We have rounded up some cool wedding cake ideas for you to save you from all the mind-puzzling experience. Even if you are not getting married any sooner, you can still order cake online and celebrate. After all, you will get married one day, and that’s a reason enough to celebrate.

Seashell Toppers

What comes to your mind when you think about the beach? Seashells? Beads? Coral? That’s what sums up a sea, right? That’s all this cake requires. Use these motifs across your cake as they make for some beautiful decor elements. Let your cake shout your theme out loud.  

 The seashells can be the real ones (wash them properly before use) or edible shells made with icing, or any type of modeling paste. 

Fish it up

Marine wildlife consists of some very enchanting creatures. Use them on your cake (obviously not the creature but the idea). Creatures like sea horses, sea lions, starfish which you haven’t been lucky enough to witness in real life, can be used on your wedding cake. Aquarium makes the perfect theme for a seaside wedding cake. If you are fond of aquatic life, then you can opt this idea surely.

Moody Blue

How can we miss the color blue standing right next to the sea?. Go for a deep-hued blue coloured cake with hand-painted waves, and ocean form which is usually created with sugar granules. Blue frosting looks really beautiful, paired with icing. This could be the most beautiful way to say, I do.

Beach Vibes

If you don’t want to incorporate beach elements and need a more subtle cake, then get inspirations from beach colors. Play with colours, as colours also play an essential part in designing. Stick to shades of ivory, white, tan, coral and of course blue. It will look amazing, promise!

Nautical Celebration

A nautical themed cake is perfect for a beachside celebration. Go ahead and get anchors, ropes, life preserver rings, etc. added to your cake. For this marzipan is sprinkled around the cake base or on the cake top. It’s a unique and gorgeous design, and to add a pop of colours, add fresh flowers. It will give the cake a creative touch. 

Go nautical!

Sandcastles on Beech

It is incredible how a beach is constituted of so many details. Ideas are literally all around. There are cakes shaped entirely like a castle, or at least top half of the cake and they look so wow! If you were a fan of sandcastles in your childhood days (or still are) go with this design. Castles are usually used on the top of the cake, with few cake tiers beneath it. Brown sugar or graham cracker crumbs is sprinkled for those sandy effects.

Ocean Activity Cake

Off course you can choose a simple wedding cake, but when you’re exchanging I dos on the beachside, why not pick up the vibe. Sea/ocean activities are fun like snorkeling, underwater diving, boogie boarding. How about using the bride and groom figurines, enjoying all these activities. Or the bride and groom fishing for wedding rings. Go over the board with your imagination. Not only as a cake topper, but figurines can also be anywhere on the cake.

You know any idea can be incorporated into your cake; you just need to get creative. Think of your favourite beach memory, and bam! You’ve just decided on the theme you want to pick. Offer your attendees a piece if delight with these fantastic cake ideas. You can also get a wedding cake delivery in Lucknow and other parts of India through winni.