Get documents Apostilled if you plan to visit Hague Convention nation

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People from all walks of life want to improve their career prospects. No matter where you are living and what your current profession is, the desire to find a job is synonymous to most people. If you are able to land up with a job overseas then make sure you start with the process of attestation. In fact, it should be the first thing that you have to do in order to make your foreign travel smooth and simple. It is an opportunity that can give your career a twist for better.  Just like attestation of documents and certificates, there is apostille done to prove the authenticity of the documents. here you will get to know the difference between apostille and attestation.

The entire process of apostille for Georgia, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Oman, Poland, UK and USA is same. Yes, you read that correct. If you are travelling to a Hague Convention or Apostille then you do not have to run to several government departments to get apostilled. Unlike attestation process that makes you run from pillar to post, this is not the case with apostille of documents. It is relatively an easy task. It is done by the Ministry of External Affairs. The MEA issues a stamp or sticker that is applied on the back of the document or certificate. This ensures that the documents are verified and apostilled.

If you are planning to move to any of the Hague Convention nations then you should know about the Apostille process.

An apostille is a form of authentication that is issued for documents that have to be used in the countries that are the part of Hague Convention of 1961. Apostilles are used for authenticating documents that are used in another nation. An apostille might be in the form of sticker or a stamp on a document or it might be attached to the document as an allonge. Allonge is a French word used for describing an attachment to a legal paper. In case an allonge is used, it is important that is never detached from the original document, to which it might be glued, stapled, or otherwise firmly attached.

An Apostille is a type of attestation in which documents are legalised in a proper form so that they are admissible in all nations that are related to Hague Convention. In other words, Apostille is a global attestation that is admissible in nearly ninety two nations, and most of the western world acknowledge and accepts Apostille.

Apostille stamp or sticker is computer generated sticker or stamp in a square shape. It is fixed on the opposite of the document or certificate by the Ministry of External Affairs, Indian Government. It has a unique ID number using which any associated nation of the Apostille Convention or Hague Convention can verify its legitimacy online.

Significance Importance

The Apostille for Georgia, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, Oman, Poland, UK and USA and other Hague Convention nations is mandatory in order to obtain a visa to travel abroad. Those who want to travel to another nation need to apply for a visa. As a matter of fact, the visa is issued only when all your documents and certificates are verified by the respective departments and authorities. This makes apostille and attestation necessary. In a same way, if you are looking for family visa then apostille of marriage certificate is necessary. You need to get your documents apostilled to get a green signal for travelling abroad. Unless all your certificates and documents are not apostilled, you cannot take the next step of moving abroad.

How to make apostille simple and smooth?

If you want to make the entire process of document and certificate apostille simple, smooth and hassle-free, all you have to do is hire the services provided by professional agencies. You would come across several such firms and agencies providing attestation services. Being experts in the process of apostille of documents, they make sure the entire process is completed within the shortest span. You do not have to wait unnecessarily to complete the document apostille process. However, make sure that the apostille attestation agency you choose is driven and managed by experts who have been providing their services for last many years.


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