Best Halloween white contacts costume ideas

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Halloween is just around the corner and we no longer have time to beat around the bush. It is time to get serious with our costume preparations. Now, we know you are wishing to find the most amazing costume which will give anyone watching goosebumps.

So are you ready to look that scary? So if you can handle yourself, you should get a pair of white contact lenses for Halloween. White Halloween contact lenses are one of the most popular contact lenses for Halloween. With white contacts you have an overwhelming number of options to choose from.

Here are some white contact costume ideas that would come alive with white Halloween lenses:

Marvel and DC comics heroes:

well, they are not that scary, unless you want to look like Venom, but they sure will get the attention you need. And blending the look of white contact lenses for Halloween will really blow everyone away. Imagine dressing up as Deadpool with Blind white contacts or Cat woman? That would be something

Grim Reaper:

How about coming from the underworld to take away some souls. A skeleton mask, a black gown with a hoodie and scythe will complete your grim reaper costume. Are you sure? That’s it! you are  missing the special effect white Halloween contact lenses to bring the merchant of death to life.


We know it is quite possibly the most common women costume, like ever. But, never underestimate the power of white Halloween contact lenses. If you can get your outfit and horror makeup on point then there is no telling how freaky you can look with white contact lenses. With that pointy witch hat and a crooked wand and then adding that magic touch with white lenses, you will scare every child away. Even your friends will feel uncomfortable with you.!

Wild Beast costume:

Wild beast have become quite popular since the TV shows teen wolf and other Disney movies.  You would even see some twilight fans on the streets at Halloween. Wearing white contact lenses for Halloween will really spice up your Halloween costume.


White out Halloween contacts would perfectly suit this costume. With a little black dress and bloody lips and fangs of course you can really look like a vampire. But if you are looking to add that scare factor then white halloween lenses will do the job for you. Apart from all that, this costume idea is quite budget friendly too.

Types of white contact costume ideas

So before we get hasty and run away to buy the popular white contact lenses, it is better to find out different types of white contacts in the market:

  • Blind White Halloween contacts

Quite easily the most in demand Halloween lenses in the white shade. They offer a frighteningly terrifying look which can easily rock any Halloween costume. With this one you get a completely blind eye, a whole white eye with nothing to see, amazing right? So how about becoming a ghost or an undead zombie for the night of terrors.

  • Snow Beast

Now as I mentioned above that wild beast costumes are becoming popular. And what better way to add that finishing touch than with a snow beast white Halloween lenses. These are totally perfect for your wild beast Halloween costume!

  • Black and White Sclera

Create a truly horrifying look with the black and white sclera contact lenses. These lense cover the eye completely, with white in the middle and black to surround the rest of the sclera. It is a truly unique yet frightening look. Now, you would remember when I mentioned that you can really become a scary witch for Halloween with White Halloween lenses. And these White and Black Sclera lenses would be too much for anyone to handle. !

Now some important things which needs mentioning. Your White Halloween lenses are all great and you would certainly scare some friends out there. But, as we know that Halloween parties are scheduled for the night so try avoiding driving at night with your lenses. These lenses may impair your vision at night to some extent, that is in the case of driving, safety first.

Another important thing is that, if you feel any discomfort with your lenses, then take them off immediately or re-wet them using  an eye dropper. Below are some thing you should avoid.

What to avoid :

  • Driving with your lenses on
  • Do not use your white Halloween lenses again, if they are daily disposable, and discard them after their expiry.
  • Do not share your lenses with anyone, friends or family. This is a serious NOT TO DO.
  • Never sleep at night with your lenses. Always take them off before you go to sleep.
  • Never ignore any pain, irritation or discomfort. Consult your doctor immediately.


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