Top 9 recommendations on choosing the best hotel online

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Accommodation is one of the important decisions when traveling for vacation, business, or other purposes. You want to stay at a comfortable hotel that provides rejuvenating services and can relieve you from tiredness. The journey becomes more convenient and easier when you are staying at the right hotel. Crowne Plaza GURGAON is your perfect option to stay if you are traveling to Gurgaon or a nearby place. With our luxurious and elegant rooms along with first-class services, this will be your most comfortable stay. Our location is excellent as it is central in the city as well as is just 14 kilometres away from Delhi International Airport.

Booking hotels is now very convenient as it can be done online. Booking a hotel at a specific time and from a specific website can save you a lot of money. However, if you are not careful enough while booking, you can miss some important details which can lead to an uncomfortable stay or huge checkout bills. Following are tips on how to book hotels online-

1. Book from apps

The booking websites for hotels provide you various discounts when you book from their app. They offer additional deals to people who sign up as a member on their app. Some deals include a free stay for the night if your bookings have crossed a particular number. Do take advantage of such deals and save your money. Some websites even give you points on booking and these points can be redeemed for future bookings. 

2. Check online rating

All hotels are rated and reviewed by the people who stayed there. You can their reviews and can conclude the condition of the rooms and quality of services provided by them. The customers also upload photos of the rooms and other services. You can check these pictures and can have an idea of how the accommodation is. Even the hotel management posts the pictures of their rooms and you can compare the pictures posted by the hotel and by people staying there to check how accurate their claims are.

3. Compare the price on different websites

There are several booking websites these days. You can check the cost of a room on different websites and book from the one where you get the best deal. Search for the top booking websites and then choose the hotel you want to stay in. Compare the price of the room across different websites. Generally, the price varies on different booking platforms. In this way, you get the room of your choice at the best price. 

4. Services offered

If you are going to stay for a long time, then you need various services for a comfortable stay. Various hotels provide services of complimentary meals free Wi-Fi, free parking along with a fitness center and swimming pool. Some rooms have LED TV, minibar, and electric kettle. You can also find a beauty salon and massage services in hotels. If you want to avail of these services, then you can book such a hotel. Early check-in and late check-out are also available at some accommodations.

5. Cancellation policy

One piece of advice while booking hotels is to check the cancellation policy of the hotels. This is because some people book hotels months in advance and you can come up with something important later which may lead to the cancellation of your trip. Some hotels provide you a full refund if you cancel your booking by a certain time, others provide with partial refund, and some do not offer any compensation for cancellation. You can review these policies and select a hotel accordingly. 

6. Filter your search

The online booking sites offer the feature of filtering and sorting your search. You can filter your search based on the price you can pay, the location you want to stay, couple-friendly stays, and the type of room you want like standard, deluxe, or super-deluxe, pay at the hotel, free cancellation, and customer ratings. You can also sort your research according to the amenities provided by the hotel like air-conditioned rooms, airport transfers, business services, conference rooms, contactless check-in, room service, smoking room, swimming pool, travel assistance, and much more.

6. Checkout price

Generally, the price shown on the booking sites for the room is before taxes. While checking out the taxes are added which increases the charges for the room. Always keep this in mind and check the amount before payment. Also, if you have used additional paid services of the hotel, the amount for those services will be charged in your checkout bill when you leave the hotel.

7. Book in advance

If you have planned your trips months or weeks before, then try to book the hotel room in advance. This is because booking months or weeks before will provide you with discounted rates as compared to booking just a few days before your trip. Rates and charges get high when you book just a few days before your trip.

8. Central location

Try to book the hotel at a central location if you are traveling for a vacation. This will provide you with the convenience of exploring all the nearby areas without traveling a long distance to come back to the hotel. Some people prefer to book a hotel which is in the vicinity of a shopping market and other social clubs or places where they can spend their time.

9. Other discounts 

Some hotels offer you further discounts when you use a specific mode of payment like the credit or debit card of a particular bank. You can even sign up for membership deals or for a hotel rewards card which will accumulate points on your every booking and then you can redeem it later in the future when traveling again.

So, if you are planning to travel to Gurgaon or a nearby place, then check out the rooms and services of Crowne Plaza GURGAON. With its first-class services, the hotel can never disappoint you. It provides all the above-mentioned services and features. So, reserve your room with us at the best rate available in the market. Have a luxurious experience while staying with us and allow us to make it a memorable experience.

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