Smax Has the Best E-Liquid in Canada

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The origins of Smax E-Liquid are in Canada. The founder of the company tested the original e-liquids in her local community in Canada with friends and family before taking it to market and giving it national exposure in the US.

Smax is available nationwide and worldwide as the best e-liquid in Canada, the US and internationally. With six original flavors that give you a range of unique tastes, you will be sure to find a flavor that works to give you a special sensation and enjoy vaping even more.

Smax flavors are included in bundle packages that allow you to try several different flavors in one order and each caters to a different sensation. If you are a dessert lover, the dessert bundle is for you. If you love the fresh and delicious taste of fruit, the fruit bundle is your choice. Or maybe you like both and want to try both flavors. All six original flavors come in the Smax Bible bundle. Check out Smax Has the Best E-Liquid California Residents Can Buy Online

The dessert bundle includes three flavors — Mafia Princess, Sammie Puffs and She’s A Dime. Mafia Princess is the delicious blend of Italian cake and espresso, layered with whipped cream. Sammie Puffs is the taste of S’mores by the campfire, a mix of chocolate, marshmallow and golden graham crackers. She’s A Dime is the light flavors of lime cake drizzled with lemon sauce.

The fruit bundle also includes three flavors — Good Vibes, Lick It and Pony On Acid. Good Vibes is the blend of pineapple, passion fruit and more to create a fruity and delicious juice that reminds you of a tropical island. Lick It is a juice created with the flavor of juicy peaches with a rich cream to make it truly stand out from the crowd. Pony On Acid, the best-selling e-liquid from Smax, is the blend of strawberries, raspberries and pineapple to create a magical berry blend with a strawberry glaze.

Smax offers these bundles in two sizes. You can get the standard 3×60 package, which includes two 30mL bottles of each flavor or the 3×100 package which gives you three 100mL bottles.

Smax gives you truly unique flavors that are crafted with great care and created and named in honor of friends of the founder. Each flavor is more than just a juice, it’s an inspiration and there is a story behind the name. These e-liquids have proven to aid in helping people to quit traditional smoking since the beginning of the company.

Whether you choose one of the bundle packages available or just one specific flavor that you have found to be your favorite, Smax has made these flavors available so you can get a great vaping experience. They value the experience that customers have using their e-liquids and the feeling people get when they vape.

These flavors are created to give a perfect balance to your vaping experience. People like flavor balance and to experience the little aspects of each flavor blend. If you are getting a fruit blend with pineapple, strawberries and raspberry, like the Pony On Acid e-liquid, you want to be able to taste all of the flavors, not just one.

That’s why Smax is the best e-liquid in Canada. You get to experience each and every flavor that is included in e-liquids and completely become enveloped in the flavor.

With great prices and customer service, Smax is willing to assist you in finding the flavor that is best for you or answering any of your questions. Whether you are looking for the best e-liquid in Canada or in the US or anywhere else, let Smax deliver one of the delicious flavors to you so you can get a new experience in vaping that you have never felt before.

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