Smax Has the Best E-Liquid California Residents Can Buy Online

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When California changed its law to include vaping as a type of nicotine product that cannot be sold to anyone under 21, the age of the customers being increased didn’t change anything else on the vaping scene. Adults under the age of 21 had already been excluded from purchasing cigarettes and even though vaping, in many cases, does not include nicotine, the legislators lumped vaping in with cigarette consumption. Smax knows it is the Best E-Liquid California customers can purchase and it is committed to supporting California’s law.

Still the One

Smax knows its customers want only the best when it comes to vaping flavor and tastes. The tastes and flavor combinations they have created are designed for the person who wants some variety in their day when it comes to vaping. They’ve been able to create some of the most flavorful combinations and if the customer comments are any indicator, they’ve nailed it. Smax has divided their lovely and tasteful offerings into two groups:

Best E-Liquid California with Fruity flavors

  • Good Vibes – Pineapple, Passionfruit, and Orange – together in a lip smackin’ mix
  • Lick It – Peaches and Cream – like you’ve never had before
  • Pony on Acid – Strawberry, Raspberry, and Pineapple – Oh my!
  • Feelin’ Frappie – Strawberry and Cream – makes you smile like crazy
  • She’s a Dime – Lemon and Lime – just the way you want

Premium E-Liquid with Coffee flavors

  • Mo Mocha – Mocha Latte, Caramel and Toffee – what a way to start your day
  • Mafia Princess – Espresso, Cake, and Whipped Cream – another way to start your day
  • Sammie Puffs – Chocolate, Graham Cracker, and Marshmallow – remind you of anything?
  • Danish Dreams – Danish Pastry and Butterscotch – it is a lovely after dinner finish

Customers Can Choose Their Nicotine Level

The reason Smax is the best E-Liquid California residents can buy is they can choose the level of Nicotine they want in their E-Liquid. Smax offers three choices; zero Nicotine, 3mg, or 6 mg. This is particularly valuable for those who are trying to kick the cigarette habit as they can reduce their nicotine intake on a controlled basis while still enjoying a nice, hearty vapor exhale like they experience with cigarettes.

Bundle Flavors and Save Money on
Premium E-Liquid California

Smax offers their E-Liquid flavors in bundles which save customers money. Bundles include three flavors together and they save money over purchasing each flavor separately. Bundles include:

Fruit Bundle – Good Vibes, Lick It, and Pony on Acid
Dessert Bundle – Mafia Princess, Sammie Puffs, and She’s a Dime
Breakfast Bundle – Mo Mocha, Feelin’ Frappie, and Danish Dreams. Smax Has the Best E-Liquid in Canada

Each bundle comes with two 30ml Super Tubes of each flavor. There is also a Bible Bundle which includes the flavors of the Fruit Bundle combined with the flavors of the Dessert Bundle for a total of six different flavors. Customers save a lot of money when they purchase the bundled flavors; almost $20 on the three flavor bundles and almost $50 on the Bible Bundle. Add in Free Shipping for orders over $30 and customers can save even more.

Now Available in 100ml Super Tubes

The popularity of the Smax flavors has been so great, the company decided to offer the flavor combinations in 100ml Super Tubes. Customers can purchase the 100ml Super Tubes in individual flavors or they can purchase them in bundles and save more money; almost $56 over purchasing the flavors separately.

Check It Out and Discover Why Smax Has the Best E-Liquid California Customers Can Buy

Customers can go to and find all the flavors they want as well as information about vaping. If customers have any questions or need further information, they can submit an inquiry on the contact page of the website or they can call the company’s customer support at 408-896-8972. The website offers weekly specials, a rewards program, and lots of information on vaping.

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