Here’s How to Write a Perfect Blog for your Real Estate Website

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A blog benefits a real estate agent in real-time. At one time if they are successfully educating customers then, on the other hand, it’s generating leads for your business. But it all starts with authentic information. Your real estate blogging can give your business a boost if you stay consistent in it.

But blogging doesn’t mean that whatever you write will work, it requires research, knowledge of your industry and hands-on practice on SEO and WordPress. If you’re looking to start your real estate blog, then don’t forget these five important tips.

  1. Start with Keywords

Every niche has its most important keywords including real estate. So, knowing them is important. Since you know that Google indexes keywords depending on the number of factors so you should include all the factors in your blog especially the keywords.

When you have selected the topic to write, search the topic on Google and track all the relevant searches coming on the topic. The suggested phrase is the relevant keywords of your topic, start with them. Don’t compromise the quality of your blog by adding too many keywords, only insert where necessary and doesn’t make a forceful combination. 

Think of ideas and see how you can craft a unique blog post. If your niche is Toronto condos then sharing tips and tricks will work for you. Extract the pain points of your customers and address it through your blog. This is a great tip to engage customers with your business.

  • SEO Optimized Blog

 SEO short for search engine optimization is a great factor in boosting blog traffic. Start with finding your target audience and write something that’s highly relevant to them. Don’t talk about things that are impossible to relate, it will make you extraordinary in the bunch of ordinary people.

If you’re adding it on WordPress, make sure the images are SEO-optimized, insert meta title and description for every blog post. And if your blogs have external linking or internal linking, check all the links before you publish. 

The competition has grown enormous and if you want your customers to notice your presence then you shouldn’t write a blog without SEO practices.

  • Don’t Sound too Formal

Keep the tone of your blog post casual rather than formal. The formal or technical tone turn off the visitors. For example, if you’re suggesting tips and tricks for first-time homebuyers, then don’t make it sound like a technical guide. Walk-in your audience’s shoes and try to talk to them to engage them through your blog.  

If you make them want to come to your blog, leave them with thoughts to connect with you. If you give authentic information through your blogs, you’ll always find an audience coming to you.

  • Work on Ideas

There are a plethora of real estate blogs. If you’re looking to join the realm, you must come up with a unique idea. Some of the ideas that can help you out:

  • Making the Right Investment
  • Tips, Tricks and Tutorials for Buying a Home
  • Best Properties in Town 
  • Real Estate Agent Blog

And can be many more depending upon your niche. Find the one thing that you’re proficient in writing and show consistency in writing the blogs. 

  • Visuals

Visuals play a strong role in grabbing customer’s attention. When they are drawn to the featured image and title of your blog, they show interest to read more. For example, if you’re writing about Toronto lofts for rent and you use the real-time images of the property you will see a great engagement rate on your blog as compared to the one without visuals.

Infographics are also important in this context. It helps to convey information through visuals. If you have something important to say, you can keep the information short and to the point by mentioning it all in an infographic.


If you don’t have a real estate blog yet, I’d recommend you start one following the tips above. Think of ideas that will make you unique in the competition. With a powerful tone and consistency to write, you’ll be able to generate a loyal customer base for your niche.   

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