How does a Portable Oxygen Concentrator Benefit You?

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Pollution control in the 21st Century is a whole new ballgame with natural catastrophes like the Amazon Fire and the deliberate deforestation in the name of urbanisation bench-marking pollution levels in the world. With air pollution rampantly growing, cities dwellers worldwide are currently battling health hazards on an everyday basis. Something as trivial as going to work in the morning exposes us to air pollution, allergens, and toxic gases on the way to work. Field workers, on the other hand, have a whole new problem to deal with. 

One such metro city in India, the capital Delhi has made headlines with its air pollution and health hazard risks dropping jaws all around. At a time like this, breathing disorder has become a household name. From bronchial infections to chronic asthma, breathing difficulties are not uncommon today. On the other hand, disorders that inhibit oxygen inflow to our body started taking a toll on our everyday lifestyle. To tackle the growing oxygen intake problem, POC or Portable Oxygen Concentrator was medically suggested by multiple doctors for patients suffering from low oxygen levels in their body. Sounds just like something you need right now, doesn’t it? However, before you start looking up oxygen concentrator price in Delhi, let’s tale a brief look into what the benefits of POC devices are. 

  • A blessing for breathing disorders

Off-late the air pollution has gotten from bad to worse, and patients with chronic asthma, lung infections, or severe COPD are struggling to live a normal lifestyle amongst the dust and fumes. The primary benefit of getting a POC device is to abet a normal lifestyle for breathing disorder victims who are suffering on a regular basis. A handy oxygen concentrator can be their lifeline and saviour at all times, be it confined within the snug boundaries of your home or during strenuous commutes to work and fro. 

  • Independent Lifestyle

 Even thought a POC is not a pioneering device to help oxygen concentration for patients, this device does come with its own set of perks, the major one being independence. Shackled to huge immobile oxygen purifying devices, breathing disorder victims would have a hard time trying to live independently. With the mobile POC allowing you patients to carry their safety with them, the real sense of independence for them has been liberating. 

  • Soundless Sleep

After a long tiresome day, when you finally retire to your bed, you can feel your body relaxing, your mind-numbing from the every day taxations, and your oxygen stabilizing. However, for patients battling low oxygen level, this might not be an ideal way to go to sleep. Our brain recognizing the lack of body functions tend to limit our oxygen saturation level during sleep which is one of the reasons why you would often notice a chronic breathing disorder patient jolting up from sleep in the middle of the night, choking and gasping for air. However, an oxygen concentrator constantly filtering and supplying the room with adequate oxygen ensures victims of breathing difficulty continues to have a comfortable night’s sleep without having to deal with any nightmarish repercussions.

Apart from the common ones, here are a few additional perks a POC brings to your life- 

  • Convenience in Usage

A portable Oxygen Concentrator is built for the diverse crowd it serves. No unnecessary wires, no tension cords and heavy units- just a simple device powered by battery and recharged through an electrical socket. The POC has redefined convenience of usage with some models even coming with their own adaptors. 

  • No Bars At All

 Even though a POC is mostly obtained to cater to patients dealing with breathing disorders, the truth is a POC is for just about anyone. With no harmful side effects tagging along, anyone and everyone feeling the intense pressure of air pollution around them can use the POC to purify the air in and around them. 

  • Cutting-edge technology

A POC device brings the latest technology to your home or office. Air composition is usually made up of a wide variety of gases, including nitrogen. Normally, a person without any breathing repercussion can filter out the oxygen out of this composition, but in case you can’t, the POC will efficiently do it for you. The POC takes in air, filters out the oxygen effectively and releases it while trapping the other compositions within. 

  • Increased Immunity and Stamina

 Breathing disorders are one of the leading causes for loss of stamina and without proper oxygen carbon dioxide ratio, patients are often risking low immunity and we all know what happens when the immunity walls are down. You expose yourself further to subsidiary diseases. Combining all the benefits into one, a POC machine can effectively cope up with your oxygen levels and improve your stamina and immunity.

Find the Best Fit

One size does not fit all and if you’re looking for an oxygen concentrator in Delhi, contact a holistic home and health care professional for in-depth guidance on how to choose the best POC device for your condition.