BPO Industry in 2020!

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When we talk about the BPO industry, some trends are all set to reshape the work culture. BPOs mainly cater to call answering service and look forward to easing the telephone answering service for the partners.

Nevertheless, BPOs also look after other outsourcing functions like the helpdeskoutsourcing, HR outsourcing, finance and accounts outsourcing, etc. Any company that may be facing issues in handling the secondary functions in-house hires an external partner to take care of the responsibility so that the business can easily focus on core functions.

The secondary functions may be overlooked, as companies do not have a team of experts in-house to check the same. Thus, companies consider outsourcing to an external partner who has the expertise to look after the services well. 

What according to you can be the latest trends that will modernize the call centre industry?

Well, here we pen down the trends that you must know about:

1. Data-Driven Services

The 2020 era will witness companies focusing on data-driven services. To offer quality services, companies will analyse customer data, make interpretations from the same, and will deliver results accordingly.

Call centre companies will read customer intent by mapping the customer journey, analysing social media results, and thereafter boosting customer experiences from the same. To offer better support to customers, analysing requirements has become essential.

Since customer experience decides the goodwill of an organization, thus the BPO industry will consider data-driven analytical results, as answering customers will thereafter become easier.

After all, data is the king and BPOs cannot avoid the fact.

2. AI-Driven Response Systems

Since a customer can approach the business from any possible platform like social mediums, emails, messages, calls, etc. and an answering agent has to be available everywhere, so what is the solution?

Well, AI-driven systems can be the business guardian angel. How?

Voice response systems that have AI perquisites can help the call answering service excel amazingly. The time to come will witness most repetitive calls answered by AI-driven bots. This not only eases the monotonous functions that were earlier handled by call centre agents but eases customer experience too, as the bot answers customer concerns 24X7 and that too instantly without any wait times.

Leveraging At voice response systems, BPOs will simplify their answering services on social media, calls, emails, and texts.

Imagine a customer calling for an inquiry at 10 pm in the night. Will you hire agents to provide 24X7 services or outsource to a reliable experienced partner? Since in-house hiring and training is time taking and expensive, thus AI-driven answering agents help the business save time and cut costs.

3. Cloud-Based Services

In such tough pandemic times like the COVID-19 crisis, most call centre companies faced the major threat of extinction, as they were compelled to shut down due to the unavailability of employees. Call centre companies majorly have a labour-intensive workforce and most firms do not use cloud-based functions.

Nevertheless, post-pandemic, the new business era will witness all telephone answering service providers using cloud-based solutions, as it helps to keep the services moving hassle-free remotely.

The BPO industry was thought to be an industry, which worked monotonously. However, the changing time will see the companies functioning remotely with cloud-based solutions. Cloud service allows the call centre agents to access business data over a cloud platform, accessed through an internet connection.

Cloud-based solutions are safe from cybersecurity threat and enable Work from Home solutions for employees easily!

4. The Use of Social Mediums

Several customers feel comfortable interacting on social mediums and companies understand the increasing significance of social media presence. This is why in the coming time; companies will outsource their social support service to call centres to keep a check on customer experience by adequately handling the company’s social channel.

Earlier BPOs only considered customer support through emails, calls, and texts. Nevertheless, with a change in time, social mediums have gained momentum and BPOs have started outsourcing services for social channels too.

Several companies that do not have a team of agents to look after their social media inquiries hire outsourcing agents to take care of the customer concerns. The coming time will see the BPO companies training their employees bout the significance of social channels and ways to influencing customer interest over the same.

5. Omni-Channel Experience

To drive customer interest companies will start using an Omni-channel approach rather than sticking to the traditional call answering service. Why?

Well, this is because quality customer experience requires Omni-channel support.  Call centres understand its necessity to boost satisfaction levels and to decrease attrition, which is why BPOs have started training their agents over Omni-channel use.

Call centre companies all around the world are using the latest technology to boost customer experience for their clients and Omni-channel services help to offer similar facilities through all platforms easily.

Omni-channel aims to cooperate with supporting channels and provide uninterrupted service to the customers across all platforms.

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